AF Spirit: "Our coach invited Bang and Huni to help us practice... There’s a reason they're called world-class."

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On the 7th (KST), Afreeca Freecs played kt Rolster in the first round of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Regional Qualifiers for the 2020 World Championship. Afreeca Freecs didn’t have much of a hard time as they swept kt Rolster 3-0. After the match, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in and Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon joined the casters’ desk for an interview.



Congratulations on the win. How do you feel?


Spirit: I just played as I was told and that made us win easily. I’d like to thank my teammates for this win.


Kiin: Everyone made good calls. I played as they said and the game went well.

Who made the calls?


Spirit: Well, we just played as what our coach told us before the game. That led to a good result.

Your Lillia was amazing. Why are you so good?


Spirit: To play Lillia in the games, you have to play at least this much. I just played the basics and went through the paths the coach set for me and it was good.

What do you think about jungle Shen? How does your coach think of the pick?


Spirit: Jungle Shen used to be played often back when I played against CloudTemplar. It seems that it’s hot in the western leagues. We’re well aware of it. You may find out what our coach thinks of it tomorrow.

What did you discuss when you swapped top and mid?


Kiin: I played mid lane in official matches quite often so I was confident. When I asked Fly if it would be alright, he said it’s okay so we switched.

Was it planned or improvised?


Kiin: There are things that are planned and somethings are improvised, but this time it was more improvised.

You played in the AfreecaTV arena again. Did it help?


Kiin: I’m the same anywhere, but Mystic seemed to be different. [Laughs] I hope he plays well.

You’ll be meeting T1 again tomorrow.


Kiin: We’ve beaten them once, so I’m confident. I’ll do my best tomorrow again so that we can win.

A word to your coach, Spirit?


Spirit: We were able to win easily thanks to our coach carrying us. There were difficulties since we couldn’t find a practice partner, but he invited Bang and Huni to help us practice so we were able to try out many things. There’s a reason they’re called world-class. We learned a lot.

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