LEC 2020 Summer Finals Press Conference: “Scrim DAMWON for two days, then take a break to get over it”, says G2 Jankos

Image Source: Riot Games

This Wednesday, the League of Legends European Championship hosted an online press conference, featuring team members, coaches, and players from Rogue, Fnatic, and G2 Esports. 


Among the speakers were Rogue’s Managing Director Anna Baumann, Head Coach Fredy, and Larssen, the team’s Mid Laner. G2 Esports had Head of Operations Danny Engels, LEC Head Coach Grabbz, and Jankos as their representatives, while Fnatic brought in Team Director Javier Zafra, Head Coach Mithy, and LEC superstar Rekkles.


At the conference, teams addressed the current state of the league, their expectations heading towards the Finals weekend, and the upcoming League of Legends Worlds Championship in Shanghai, China.



Adel Chouadria, of Inven Global has asked the following question to Mithy: Looking back at Fnatic’s performances this year, they had a pretty strong spring showing, only to have a slump before the playoffs. From a coach’s perspective, what can you tell me about the first impressions you had of the team when you first joined them?”, in which he responded “The first impression that they were a talented roster, a lot of ideas and felt like they had a deep understanding of the game. 


Following up with a question regarding Mithy’s perspective on the Summer Split being a bit more complicated than his first, Mithy responded: “It was a very interesting team to work with, that’s why I stopped playing, I wanted to push the strategic part of the game, and a lower-tier team wouldn't give me that.”


Lara Lunardi’s question about how players felt about moving from playing online to heading to Shanghai, China, for Worlds, Jankos replied with “I don’t really care much, it’s fine. Online [format] has been underwhelming, in my opinion. I think it will be better to play offline again, most of the LCK teams played offline and LPL as well, so I am happy to come back on stage. It shouldn’t hinder our performances. Overall, I am pretty happy about it, except for the pre-worlds routine.”


Fnatic’s Bot Laner Rekkles said Fnatic is a team that benefits from playing on stage. “I have good hopes to play in a different setup, although we didn’t suffer much from the pandemic situation.”


Jankos joins the press conference


G2 Esports’ Jungler Jankos, who by now can be considered a regular at the World Championship, brought in some valuable advice to Rogue’s Mid Laner, Larssen: “Scrim DAMWON  for two days, then don’t scrim them for a week, so you have time to get over it”, laughing it off.



The 2020 LEC Summer Finals resume this Saturday, at 5PM on watch.lolesports.com, in a decisive match to pick Fnatic’s opponent on Sunday.

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