New bill proposes delay of military service for Korean "national treasures" like Faker or BTS


South Korean congress will propose a bill to delay obligatory conscription of “national treasures", Inven reported Wednesday. The bill, prepared by congressman Jeon Yong-gi, targets excelling individuals in culture and arts like K-pop band BTS, but also esports players like legendary T1 mid-laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.


Under the current military service law, only people who are a) attending a school higher than high school; b) in the middle of a course in an institution; c) an elite sports player that has contributed to the nation can postpone their conscription. There isn’t any cause to delay those in the culture and arts or esports, which is what Jeon's bill aims to change.


If it passes, "people who are in the culture and arts industry that is clearly recognized to have elevated the nation’s reputation" will be allowed to delay their military service until the age of 30.


An official from Jeon’s office said:


“It’s completely different from exemptions or exceptions. The bill’s main goal is to create a way to have the elites in the culture and arts industry such as BTS or Faker, who have received an award from the minister of culture, sports, and tourism, to delay their mandatory military service. Currently, if men attend colleges or universities, it can be postponed until the age of 28. It’s not an exception; it’s to legally give those people an equal opportunity.”

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