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In preparation for the new Season 2 content, Line Games released a major update to the recruitment system in the form of Scouting. This is a system unique to fated type heroes that allows a player to use any recruited units as resources to eventually recruit a fated hero of the player’s choice. This is only available to the rare fated types, not the more common fated types which are listed in the table below.


This is a feature that benefits both high spenders and free-to-play players as it allows spenders to utilize their duplicate heroes for a possible transcendence upgrade, while also providing FTP players an option to recruit a hero that they have not been fortunate enough to obtain through standard Xes or Exodium summoning.


Heroes Currently Available in the Scout System


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Scouting is currently available in the Hero Journal as option only for specific fated tier heroes. Although there are a total of 28 fated heroes currently in the game, only 18 are obtainable through the new Scout system. Among the 18 available, they are split into 3 different tiers depending on the rarity of the hero. The more rare the hero, the higher the Scouting requirements are to recruit them.


As an example, Bathory is among the rare “General” level and as a result requires the highest tier of points at 30k points. Below are the specific units available for Scout recruitment and their requirements.



In addition to scouting points, the higher tier fated heroes also require a base hero of a lower tier to be consumed in order to complete the recruitment process. It is safe to assume this will take a free to play player quite some time to obtain a tier 1 type of fated hero. The major benefit is that this will ultimately allow all players to receive a unit they really want in game.


How Scout Points are Accumulated


Upon viewing a hero’s scout menu in the Hero Journal, you will see the required points and hero to complete the scouting recruitment. Points are accumulated by feeding heroes of all types and the required lower tier hero can be obtained also through scouting or from standard Xes or Door of Creation summoning.


In addition, the point value of a hero varies depending on the hero's type (common, magic, rare, legendary) and relation to the scout target. Looking at the screenshot below for legendary types, you can see that Benten and Tantalo are of higher value to Bathory than Vinity and Bongkoos even though all are legendary types. So to maximize efficiency, it is best to select units that maximize scout points for your target hero.


The variation in scout points for each type includes the following:


  1. Fated Heroes: 100 - 200 points
  2. Legendary: 50 - 200 points
  3. Rare: 5 points
  4. Magical: 1 point


Five Tips for Efficiently Scouting a Hero


As it is clear to see that a large amount of units are required to reach the required amount of scout points for a specific hero, here are some tips to consider to efficiently complete the process:


  • To obtain more resources utilize the daily free recruit option to try and obtain magical type units for 1 point. You can accumulate up to 3 points a day doing this.
  • The Door of Creation has 3 different summon options available to obtain more units to feed for scout points. This includes Exodium Recruit using exodium, Nation (Lenombe/Green Land/Estoris/Wasted Red/North Von Frosty/Brunn) Recruit using solarseals, and Dimension Recruit using Golden Clocks. All of which require resources that are obtained through completion of daily quests and exploration.
  • Utilize legendary heroes that provide the max 200 points as they are easier to obtain than fated heroes that provide the same value.
  • The priority should be Bathory, Shufraken, Garff as those three are part of the current meta and will always be relevant in the game given their unique skill sets. Do not waste points in lower tier targets as those can be obtained through the summon option in line (2) above.
  • Even if you already have one of the top tier heroes, consider Scouting another copy for transcending. A transcended hero is required for elemental enhancement and the new Signature Force, which will vastly improve the hero’s strength in all content.



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    level 2 robew33

    The game is nice and very generous in resources, in one week I still managed to do 3 event lotteries without paying and without counting the free lotteries. Plus I've had loads of legendary heroes. The game is very beautiful.

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