Fun times and plenty of food - Unity's San Francisco Office

Although we are in San Francisco for the 2017 Game Developers Conference, that doesn't mean that we have to be holed up in Moscone Center for the entire week.

There are several well-known developers surrounding the area, and among them is Unity with their new San Francisco Office, established last August. Conveniently, the new and cozy 7-story Unity office is only two blocks away from the Moscone Center.

So, we decided to take some time to visit Unity's newest pride, and it was full of good times and delicious food. Let's take a look.

▲ It was a sunny day in San Francisco...
▲ A perfect day for a Unity-powered tour!
▲ Even the register was high-tech.
▲ It showed many Unity-powered hits.
▲ Let's head inside, shall we?
▲ While we couldn't see every area...
▲ We got a chance to play with the VR devices.
▲ I guess there is no VR war in the Unity building.
▲ Our resident VR master will demonstrate.
▲ Turns out he wasn't a bomb defusal master.
▲ Behold, the Cafeteria.
▲ There was something for everyone.
▲ They told us that this is usually a buffet table.
▲ Wow.
▲ Could this be true heaven for developers?
▲ So many options...
▲ Somebody was a sore loser.
▲ Now, we present to you the pride of the San Francisco Office...
▲ The rooftop respite.
▲ Apparently, the flag is designed to resemble a Pirate Flag.
▲ Truly a sight to behold.
▲ Where have I heard these names before...
▲ Meetings are supposed to be productive.
▲ But we had plenty of fun along the way, just like everyone here.
▲ Thanks, Unity!


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