Riot Games debuts trailer for upcoming tabletop game 'Tellstones: King's Gambit'

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


As the 2020 League of Legends World Championship looms on the horizon, Riot Games has once again expanded the horizons of its game development. Tellstones: King's Gambit will be the first Riot Tabletop project since Mechs vs. Minions, and today's trailer was its debut to the public after the project was announced earlier this year in January. 



The trailer for Tellstones: King's Gambit features Demacian champions like Lux, and Fiora, from League of Legends and followers like a young Cithria and Laurent Chevalier from Legends of Runeterra playing the Demacian variant of a tabletop game played across Runeterra. Tellstones is described by Riot as 'a bluffing game with perfect information for 2 or 4 players' which is the same player size as Mechs vs. Minions, which was released in October 2016.


For quite some time, Mechs vs. Minions was the only thing putting the 'S' in Riot Games next to League of Legends, but Riot has branched out significantly in the past few years. Autobattler Teamfight Tactics, online card game Legends of Runeterra, and tactical shooter VALORANT are the first of many games to be released by Riot Games across the next few years as outlined in the developer's mega 10th-anniversary announcement.


Riot Games has also gone live with an official Tellstones website with more information, visual assets, and a way for players to stay up to date with any developments around the upcoming tabletop title. The box art for Tellstones has also been revealed on the website. 


It is unclear whether Tellstones: King's Gambit will focus exclusively on Demacia or the entirety of Runeterra. This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 




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