Overwatch League meets fashion: Chengdu Hunters street wear look

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Chengdu Style

The Chengdu Hunters are the wacky, loveable team of the Overwatch League. They have a great color scheme and team branding so they are who I wanted to start with, in my journey of creating an outfit for every Overwatch League team here in Inven Culture. 


I enjoy combining the clothes I wear or the trends I see with the esports I love. The Overwatch League has been a source of so much love and inspiration for me, but currently, the merch does not reflect the clothing I like. I have combined simple techwear, belts, turtlenecks, pleated skirts, eccentric pants, and throwback shirts for my past outfits. I wanted to do something simple but different than what I have already done. 


Trends I see in streetwear are high neck shirts for women, brands such as Adidas originals, chunky shoes, and windbreakers; as well as keeping things clean when it comes to the design.


Creating the look

I set out to make an outfit for the Chengdu Hunters that utilized these ideas. I think layering is important in streetwear and since I haven’t made an outfit with a jacket yet I wanted to try that. I wanted it to be the focal point so I altered a windbreaker to have a vertical Hunters logo on the front and a large logo on the back, both in black. It all ties in nicely with the stripe on the sleeves and isn’t overly complicated.



The shirt I created a mock neck crop top and I added a tag like design going down one side of it with a few different logos and images from overwatch such as the damage, support, and tank role icons. It is always nice in designs to have small images lined up that add a little bit more interest as long as they don’t clutter it up. I added it opposite of the logo on the jacket so when modeling the outfit they would sit next to each other. 


For the pants, I took traditional Adidas originals leggings and colored the logo the Hunters’ orange as well as altering the stripes that go down the sides to have some of that orange as well. Having a team pair up with a brand that holds weight in streetwear such as Adidas would be a dream for their merch and something I would love to see. I used some chunky white boots I already owned to match the stripes on the pants as well as to add another point of interest to the outfit. 



Fan details

The last two parts of the outfit are just a simple black mask that I added Chengdu across the front to bring their orange across all points in the outfit, and a panda headband. Last year for Hunter’s team day at the Blizzard Arena they gave out panda hats and if you look back at pictures of their fans you will most likely see on of those, so I wanted to incorporate that in some way that works better with my style, so two cute pandas in place of space buns were my solution. 


While it isn’t the most groundbreaking outfit in general it is still much cleaner and trend-focused than the generic t-shirt and jersey esports communities are used to. As I create more outfits as an Inven culture sponsored creator I hope to push the envelope with my designs more, especially for teams with less loved color schemes and branding. 


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