Become a dragon in upcoming Fall Guys Season 2

▲ Screenshot taken from Fall Guys Sneak Peek video


Fall Guys has stormed the web, taking over Twitter, Steam, and TimTheTatman's stream. And now, just a few weeks after their official launch, Fall Guys has released a sneak peek for their upcoming Season 2. On its release, the game will be adding new modes and costumes, sending the beans on quests, dressed up as dragons, knights, witches, and more. 


Lead Game Designer, "Joe," personally thanks everyone for their participation in the game, memes, fanart, and more, as he introduces each new feature he and the team are adding to everyone's newest favorite party game. 



Joe explains they're not quite ready to release the next chunk of the game quite yet, they're still finishing it up, but Fall Guys Season 2 should be heading its way to the live servers soon. The sneak peek doesn't reveal if they're adding any new mechanics to the game, though there does seem to be an additional team gamemode that requires pushing obstacles and ramps around, which may add a bit of nuance to the traditional levels so far. For now, make sure to brush up on your bean skills as we finish out Season 1, and get ready to transform into your favorite medieval being soon.




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