TimTheTatMan finally won his first game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been all the rage in the gaming and livestreaming communities as of late, and for good reason — the adorable, bright colorscape featuring funny little figures competing in a multitude of battle royale modes is deceptively competitive despite its easy accessibility for gamers at all levels of play. Many streamers have shown off their first win in Fall Guys via social media, but one notable figure has yet to do so: Timothy "TimTheTatman" John Betar.


Known primarily as a Fortnite streamer, TimTheTatman's inability to get a win on Fall Guys has become the most talked-about thing in gaming with reactions ranking from playful mockery to sheer sorrow. TimTheTatman's inability to get a win in Fall Guys even drew the attention of the game's official social media, who has now been frequently interacting with the streamer and posting updates to his record.




As the losses continuing to climb, support for TimTheTatman's absurd quest for his first win reached critical mass on August 19, with people all over gaming tuning into his stream on what he said would be the day he got his first win. After over 650 losses, TimTheTatman has now secured his first Fall Guys crown.



TimTheTatman's pop-off after the win is all you need to know about how long he's been waiting to get his first Fall Guys victory. Battle Royale games typically have a lower win percentage due to the free-for-all nature of pvp engagement and the total amount of players in a game at one time, but 0 wins across 650+ losses is a statistical anomaly.


Fellow streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins summed up the absurdity of TimTheTatman's quest as the feel good story that 2020 needed in a Tweet this afternoon before the victory seen 'round the world, but after the win, his words ring even more true: "Millions of people bonding and laughing over something so goofy/silly. We will look back and remember this being one good thing that happened in 2020."




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