[TMI Interview] DWG Nuguri: "I don't watch movies. I watch pro views."


One of the most popular players in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), would be Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon. His performance has something that attracts people to focus on his plays. Just last year at Worlds, Nuguri was the hottest player with his Kleptomancy. We expected he would pick “Cull” as an item he could have in real life, but his answer was different. Have a look at one of Inven’s latest TMI interviews with Nuguri.



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Jang Ha-gwon


Date of birth?


99, July 17


Place of birth?


I don't know. Some hospital.


Blood type?




Your personality in short?


A top solo player that likes to be alone.


Music preference?


It depends, but today, rap.


Any pieces to recommend?


Changmo's songs. I like Changmo's songs the most.


Movie preference?


I don't watch movies. I watch pro views.


Any player in particular?


I watch most players, but I think I watch Gen.G, T1, and DRX top laners the most. And Afreeca.


Favorite food?


Nothing in particular.


What's your hobby?


Taking a walk. I take a walk every day.


Something you do well that's rather surprising?


Organizing my thoughts? That's something I do well which is unexpected.


Childhood dream?


A chef. My parents both work in the culinary industry, so naturally...


What you concentrate on the most recently?




How did you name yourself?


I named Nuguri in a hurry. We had to submit our roster in a hurry, and I had to name myself within 30 minutes-1 hour. So I went searching around Naver. Nuguri (Ed. Racoon) pictures were cute, and that's where it came from.


What gives you energy?


Family or fans cheering for me.


If you weren't a top laner?


What I hoped for was an ADC, but I'd say probably a support or mid. As for mid, since I'm a solo laner, if I think of it now, I'm saying mid. And I said support since I feel the most comfortable at that position aside from top lane.


I'm a crazy top laner, yes or no?


Half and half.


What percent would you explain your craziness?


So 50%. Maybe 51%. I think it's 50%, but I'll consider the opinions of the people around me.


Top is jungle difference. Yes or no?


I'll say 49% for this. 49% not jungle difference.


A message to the junglers out there?


You don't need to come if the situation isn't worth coming, but if the situation is where the top laner needs you, you should care much.


A player you'd like to play with?


The players that were good playing with during solo queue are Deft, Keria, and Chovy. And there's a player named Croco, who plays in Challengers Korea. I play a lot of duo queue with him, and it's comfortable when I play with him.


Is there a player that you'd like to go 1v1 with?


Kiin, Doran. They're really good at 1v1s. So I'd like to play one day.


When did you first start LoL?


7th grade.


First tier placement?


Where was I placed? I think the placements were points back then. I guess I was around silver or gold.


Favorite champion?


Vladimir and Camille.


Favorite skin?


I like all of the high noon series.


If you can have a LoL item IRL, what would it be?


Biscuit? HP potion? I don't have an appetite recently, so I want to eat that and play games.


If you could use a LoL ability, what would it be?


One of the global ults. Something that you can fly somewhere. Teleport.


Is there a champion you really hate to meet in top lane?


Lucian or Irelia. When you're countered, it's a headache when playing against them.


If you could make a skin, what concept would it be?


I want to make a Vladimir skin. I want to have good auto-attack motion and it should be comfortable to look at.


DWG's best signing of 2020, Ghost vs Bameno (Youtube editor)?




Winning with a 0/5/0 record or losing with an 8/0/0 record?


Winning with a 0/5/0 record.


The hottest phrase of 2020 DWG?


“Nuguri, as expected”. There are so many. I'll go with “Nuguri, as expected”.


Flash, D or F?




A word to those who use F flash?


If it's F, it's F.


If you have an infinite amount of money, what would you do?


I want to buy a house that has a fantastic view of the Han River, and a traditional tile-roofed house with a Korean traditional living room. I want to play Maple Story there with nothing to start with.


Something you'd like to do at least once in your life?


Learn to play the piano.


Somewhere you'd like to go in your life?


A house with a Korean traditional living room.


Would you become a pro gamer if you were to be born again?




A word to Sunmi?


Thank you! I listened to her new song and it was really good.


Is there a memory you'd like to erase?


Not playing well in critical moments in competitions.


A champion that's only fun for yourself?




Do you have a tip on drawing well using a mouse?


Focus on the characteristics.


What will you do first when you return to the team house?


Solo queue


How was the TMI interview?


It was somewhat… I didn't know where this would lead to.


Lastly, a word to the fans?


Thank you so much. I'm always grateful for all your support. On stream... I'd like to thank all the fans in Korea and China. Our next match is against T1. We'll prepare well and win it.


*Note: This interview was conducted after DAMWON Gaming’s win against Team Dynamics on August 15.

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