Dual-Blade Action RPG, 'SwordMaster Story' Pre-reg begins!

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• Catching the mobile gamers’ attention with brilliant action and speed.
• The pleasure of Pixel Art graphics and dynamic animations.


'SwordMaster Story', a new game developed by CODECAT and published by SuperPlanet, is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It supports 12 languages including English and Chinese and plans to service more than 160 countries in the world.


‘SwordMaster Story’ is a Belt-Scroll Action RPG. It is based on the story of ‘Cain’, an ordinary student who moves to another world and becomes the Sword Master and fights for peace. However, he is betrayed and tries to overcome several challenges with his colleagues.


The player follows the Sword Master ‘Cain’ and goes on adventures around the world. In the process of it, the player can enjoy the cool actions of HACK & SLASH as well as a well-made production that matches the concept of Dual-Blade Action RPG.


In addition, delicate Pixel Art characters and animated illustrations add fun to the game. Players can enjoy various content while clearing stages by collecting and nurturing many different characters including Cain. The following three charms are unique to SwordMaster Story.

■ Three Attractive Points of the Game 

1. Hack & Slash unique sense of speed
The strongest point of SwordMaster Story is the Action. The speedy game progress and spectacular action maximize the fun. If you break through the stages without anything to stop you, you will not see the time pass.

2. Pixel Graphic Illustrations
Another of SwordMaster Story’s charms is its animated illustrations. The illustrations, which reflect the characters’ personalities will stimulate the player’s desire to collect. Each character has various skills which will add even more fun to the action.

3. Impressive Story

The SwordMaster Story is an epic story of revenge. As you explore a whole new in-game world, you will feel like you really became the Sword Master Cain, confronting a huge evil with your trusted colleagues. This thrilling and impressive story is one of the reasons you shouldn’t miss out on this game.


Ahead of the global release of SwordMaster Story, a few free gifts have been prepared for the users. A variety of events such as a launching event that will give all users free 5-Star Summon Tickets x1, 4-Star Summon Tickets x1, and Rubies x300 and a coupon event that will give the users with rare game items are being prepared.


Anyone who would like to become a Sword Master should go through the pre-registration process on either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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