[GUIDE] Six decks from top players to try in Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain

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Legends of Runterra's Call of the Mountain expansion has been released and the race to be the world-first to Master has begun. But what are the best players in the game using?


We look at six decks from six top Legends of Runeterra players, hoping that these ideas guide you on your own Master climb.


Mono-Targon ASol by swimstrim


Swim is one of the most prolific deckbuilders in Legends of Runeterra, so whatever decklist he chooses to play on day 1 will immediately make headlines. While Swim went for the very popular Aurelion SOl (or ASol), his deck composition is rather unorthodox. Swim runs Targon cards only, jamming as many Invoke cards as it makes sense. 


He then either finishes the game with Aurelion Sol or collects enough mana to burn the enemy with The Skies Descend. 


Trundle/ASol Ramp by Alanzq


Alazqtft has been the king of control decks since the beta and here he is again, trying to make a Ramp Control deck work. This is a Trundle/ASol dragon deck that ramps up with Wyrding Stones and Catalyst of Aeons before dropping the bimg bombs like Inviolus Vox and The Infinite Mindsplitter. 


A slow, greedy deck that ends with everything being stun-locked.


Leona/Swain Midrange by BruisedByGod


Speaking of meta-defining players, we can't skip BruisedByGod, the man credited with the invention of the Bannerman Midrange — a deck that went on to define the entire Rising Tides meta.


On day 1 of Call of the Mountain, BruisedByGod is again going the midrange direction, building a Leona/Swain deck. Similar to the Swain/TF decks of Rising tides, this is a stun-oriented deck which uses Swain plus Leviathan to win the late game, but now also has the mid-game power of Leona. 


Taric/Darius Aggro by Annie_Desu


If you don't feel like playing ASol or any sort of control, Annie_Desu's Taric/Darius Aggro might be the deck for you. The deck uses whatever good cards are left from the Noxus Aggro, adds some Nightfall rushers like Lunari Shadestalker and Crescent Guardian and goes to town. 


Taric is there to give the early game army more durability and help it with combat trades.


ASol/Leona Midrange by Ultraman

Ultraman became known as the highest-ranking ladder player in Rising Tides, so his brews need special attention. His deck of choice for the day 1 climb is another ASol build, but more midrange-y than the others, featuring Leona and almost entirely Targon cards. 


The deck plays more on curve and doesn't try to set up a stun-lock Dragon combo in the late game.

Targon Elusives by NickGoML


Let's get another aggro deck in, shall we? This is a new version of the old Zed Elusives archetype, but with some Targon sprinkled in. Lunari Shadestalker is a natural inclusion in an elusive deck, while Mentor of the Stones is a high-value buffer, that even spawns Gems when it dies. 


Elusives fans will also grow to appreciate the 4/2 Lifesteal Tasty Faefolk, a good alternative to the nerfed Kinkou Lifestealer. 

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