17 champions, new mechanics revealed for Teamfight Tactics: Fates

▲ Garen has returned as a standalone unit in Teamfight Tactics: Fates. Image source: Riot Games


On Wednesday afternoon, Riot Games shared a blog post detailing information related to their auto chess' upcoming expansion: Teamfight Tactics: Fates. Scheduled to go live on the Public Beta Environment on September 1, players were teased with champions they will be able to create unique and powerful team combinations with and new mechanics associated with each.


As the current set, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, will be a distant memory in the upcoming weeks, here's what players can expect to get their hands on soon enough.


The new champion pool


The Teamfight Tactics development team announced recently that a total of 58 champions would be in the upcoming Fates' Set. And, while we don't know all of them as of the time of this post, Riot Games provided Inven Global 17 familiar faces returning to the title or making their long-awaited debut.


Confirmed joining the champion pool are as follows:


▲ Nidalee, Tier 1 Warlord Sharpshooter
▲ Garen, Tier 1 Warlord Vanguard
▲ Jarvan, Tier 2 Warlord Exemplar
▲ Pyke, Tier 1 Cultist Assassin
▲ Katarina, Tier 3 Warlord Assassin
▲ Kennen, Tier 3 Ninja Exemplar
▲ Xin Zhao, Tier 3 Warlord Duelist
▲ Lissandra, Tier 1 Moonlight Dazzler
▲ Sylas, Tier 2 Moonlight Brawler
▲ Vi, Tier 2 Warlord Brawler
▲ Diana, Tier 1 Moonlight Assassin
▲ Elise, Tier 1 Cultist Exemplar
▲ Twisted Fate, Tier 1 Cultist Mage
▲ Thresh, Tier 2 Phantasm Vanguard
▲ Evelynn, Tier 3 Cultist Shade
▲ Kalista, Tier 3 Cultist Duelist
▲ Aatrox, Tier 4 Cultist Vanguard


Traits, Origins, and mechanics

▲ Demon Lord Galio can be summoned by assembling Cultists on the battlefield.


If all the Teamfight Tactics' development team did when each expansion was introduced was rotate the playable pool of champions, the game would feel stale from set to set. Luckily, new origins, traits, and mechanics enter the title every few months to keep things fresh and provide the best experience possible for players who choose to dedicate their time to it. Set 4 is no different. Players will notice that there are some that are familiar from past expansions and that's to prevent returning players from feeling overwhelmed with the fact that everything is completely foreign to them and they have to essentially relearn what each champion does from scratch.


So what's new in Teamfight Tactics: Fates that will set this set apart (pun intended) from the rest?


Chosen mechanic


In Fates, one of the key ways you’ll be able to claim victory over your opponent is by picking the right “Chosen” champion for your team. Here’s how you can expect it to work.


Occasionally, in your shop, you will be offered a Chosen champion. These champions are already at 2-star level, so they cost three times their normal 1-star price and come with some extra power. Similar to Set 2's Elementalist mechanic, one of their traits (origin or class) is Chosen (Garen's Vanguard is Chosen above) and counts as two of that trait. In addition, the champion also receives +200 HP and a unique stat bonus: either 500 HP, 35% spell power, 50 attack damage or 25% reduced mana.


Once you buy one Chosen champion, other Chosen champions will no longer appear in your shop. You can only have one at a time. If you sell your Chosen champ, they can start appearing again in your shop. You’ll be left with some tough decisions: Do you buy an early Chosen to lock in a direction, or do you keep yourself flexible for a late-game pivot? Do you hold out for a 4 or 5-cost Chosen that makes great use of the bonus stats, or do you grab a 2 or 3-cost with a more beneficial support trait?


Warlord trait


When you’re first trying out the new set, the Warlord synergy is a good place to start. Warlords are all about conquering your opponents in battle and powering up each time you do.


When you activate the Warlord synergy, your Warlords will get some health and spell power for each battle they win and victorious battles they've already been in (even if you didn't have the synergy active at that time). This bonus increases up to a cap of 5. This means the longer you use the champions, the more powerful they get.


Warlords have an additional (3) 150 HP & 10 spell power (6) 400 HP & 25 spell power (9) 600 HP & 50 spell power. Each time they participate in a victorious combat, they will receive even more HP and spell power, stacking up to five times: (3) 30 HP & 3 spell power (6) 40 HP & 5 spell power (9) 80 HP & 10 spell power.


▲ Here's an example of a Warlord team composition players can build on Day 1.


Moonlight trait


Moonlight is one of the more unique traits in the Fates' set, changing the way players see the game itself. Moonlight is a 3-piece trait, and all of the champions are either 1-costs or 2-costs. This means you can activate this trait very early in the game. Once you do, the trait will upgrade the lowest star level unit by one star level. (And in the event of a tie, the champ with the most items gets the star-up.) This means if you have a 2-star Diana, a 2-star Lissandra, and a 1-star Sylas, then at the start of combat the Sylas becomes a 2-star. You can use this trait to access 3-star champions really early on.


▲ 4-star (you read that right) Diana


In the event that all of your Moonlight champions are 3-star, your units become 4-star and even more powerful. For comparison, the development team said that a 4-star champion isn't as powerful as a 4-cost 3-star but still strong in and of itself.


▲ Want to 4-star some champs? Here's a team composition you can run.


Cultist origin


Cultist is another major origins in Fates, with more champions than any other trait at 8 Cultist champions. Interestingly, this trait doesn’t offer any power to the Cultist champions themselves. Instead, Cultists use their powers to summon the Demon Lord Galio into the team (similar to Elementalists in Set 1). The more Cultists on the board, the more powerful Galio will be.


▲ Galio becomes a big, big boy.


At three Cultists, players will summon Tyrant Galio who has 1800 HP at the start of the fight and an AOE stun. At six, Demon Lord Galio spawns and, if you manage to have nine Cultists on board, Supreme Overlord Galio appears with more than 7000 health and 600 attack damage. Scary to think of, huh?


▲ If you like summoning a Galio with 7000 health (and who doesn't?), here's a Cultist team comp.


Keep an eye out for more Set 4 leaks and information at Inven Global as it becomes available.

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