AF Spirit: "Now that T1’s become a weak team, we’ll make Gen.G a weak team as well."


On the 26th (KST), Afreeca Freecs faced off against T1 in the Wildcard match of the 2020 LCK Summer playoffs. With AF managing to take the upset victory against T1 2:1, they now face Gen.G in Round 1 of the LCK playoffs. Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon joined Inven for a one on one post-match interview and shared that they have nothing to lose, so they’ll give it their everything against their next playoff opponents, Gen.G.



You were subbed in during a critical moment in the series to lead the team to victory. How do you feel?


I feel relieved. Many people thought that T1 would win, and our job is to simply prove them wrong. We worked hard at it, and that hard work paid off.

It looked like there were a lot that the team prepared for today. What was the most important thing about today’s series that the team prepared for?


The biggest thing for us was our mindset. We had a different mindset coming into the playoffs from our regular split mindset. We gave it our all in preparing for such an important match, and we rightfully earned those results.

Were you nervous about being subbed in for game 3?


We were thoroughly prepared with our strategy, so not at all. Our draft went great as well, so I was feeling comfortable.

Mystic got a lucky kill on the enemy Karthus with his ‘Trueshot Barrage’.


He was originally aiming for Sett, but we got a lucky kill on Karthus, so we knew that we’d win today.

Fly performed very well in this series. What is your reaction to his performance tonight?


I think that Fly’s playing the best in the team these days. Our mid and jungle are doing well, so we’re full of confidence.

Your next opponents are Gen.G. Heading into that match, what kind of mindset do you have?


Now that T1’s become a weak team, we’ll make Gen.G a weak team as well. We have nothing to lose, and this is a mindset of those with nothing to lose.

Amidst all the people that predicted T1’s victory, what would you like to say to the fans that continue to support AF?


Please don’t have high hopes for us for the next match as well. The position of the underdogs is a lot more comfortable. Teams with high hopes have a lot of burden on winning, so the victory from the team that many would think they’d lose comes through that much sweeter.

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