[TMI Interview] Lee Jung Hyun's role model: "Sjokz. Hehehe."


Lee Jung Hyun is one of the two new announcers that joined the LCK since the beginning of the 2020 LCK Summer split. Ever since her arrival, she’s garnered much support and love from fans around the world. As the newest hostess of the LCK, Inven caught up with Lee Jung Hyun in our ongoing TMI interview series.

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Lee Jung-Hyun.




Date of Birth?


June 23rd, 1995.

Place of Birth?



Blood type?


Type A.

What’s your MBTI?


EN… Something.... I actually recently did it (looking for the screenshot)... ENTP

Favorite genre of music?


Music? Uh… EDM.

Favorite karaoke song?


Tears - So Chan Whee.

Favorite movie genre?




(Shocked) Really?



Favorite movie of all time?


Insidious [LOL]. AHAHAHA.


Do you usually like watching horror movies?


Yes. I’m not good at watching them, but I just keep my eyes closed.

What do you do in your free time?


Play video games.

What gives you energy?


My younger sibling.

Your favorite nickname?


Hansel and Gretel. I always drop things, so I think it’s funny. 

What are you into these days?



Your childhood dream?


Uh… Policewoman.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an announcer?



Your favorite champion?



Favorite skin?


Uh… Battle Angel Kai’sa. I want the Prestige K/DA Kai’sa, but it’s too expensive, so…

When did you first start playing LoL?


Last year.

Your main role?



What tier do you want to reach by this year?



Favorite item in LoL?


Hmm… It’d have to be Runaan’s Hurricane.

Which champion skill would you like to have?


Gragas’ ult. Because I like alcohol.

If you had to choose one champion that you’d really like to be good at, which champion would it be?




Your first impression of the LCK?


Very cool.

Most memorable player?


Hmm… I recently watched Viper kite on Kai’sa, and he was very good, so I’d say Viper.

What’s the most memorable thing in the LCK so far?


Spirit trying to hold his laugh in.

What did you earn from being a part of the LCK?


I… learned to enjoy playing LoL, so a new world has opened up for me.

What did you lose from being a part of the LCK?



How much of yourself have you shown in the LCK series, “Noona Class”?



Mint chocolate O/X?



Pineapple pizza O/X?


O! Definitely O! (You're crossing a line here)

Ice coffee in cold weather vs Hot coffee in hot weather?


Ice coffee in cold weather.

This next question is our staple question in our TMI interview series. Flash on D vs F?



What would you like to say to the D-flash users?


What’s wrong with you? I don’t understand!

First thing you’d like to do once Corona’s over?


(Face to face) Interview.

When are you the happiest in your day?


When I’m going to work.

Who would you choose as your role model?


Hmm… Sjokz. Hehehe.

First thing you do when you wake up?



The first three things you bring with you if your house is on fire.


Wallet, Key, Cellphone.

Food that you’d like to eat at this very moment?



Your motto in life?


My motto is… You’re going to die anyways, so don’t get attached to things like you’re going to live forever!

Would you become an announcer in your next life?



Can you tell us your everyday fashion?


Track pants with a large T-shirt and sandals, so nobody recognizes me.

What would you like to say to your 10 year older version of yourself?


Sigh… Hahaha.

Your thoughts on doing this TMI interview?


Uh… Sorry… Hahaha.

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