T1 Clozer: "To me, Chovy’s an incredible player... I've lost to him a lot in solo queue, and I have a lot to learn from him."


With the 2020 LCK Summer playoffs just around the corner, the final day of the regular split took place. Although there weren’t any changes in the standings, T1 managed to take the victory over DRX 2:1 and kept the hopes of their fans up for playoffs.


T1’s mid laner, Clozer, did not fail to disappoint yet again. On one of his favorite champions, Akali, he managed to not only show aggressiveness, but also survivability, and left DRX confused in many moments of the game. Although he was against Chovy, a mid laner who’s considered one of the best in the world, Clozer’s plays were as bold as ever.


After the match, Clozer joined Inven for a quick post-match interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


I’m really happy that we took down DRX, one of the toughest teams in the league.

Can you tell us your mindset heading into this match against DRX?


I just wanted to show what I’ve got against one of the top teams, so I just practiced really hard.

You mentioned in your previous interview that you wanted to face Chovy. How was the matchup?


As expected, he was really good. I think that my teammates did a lot of heavy lifting as well, so we were able to take the victory.

Did you prepare anything specific in facing Chovy?


Chovy’s really good at Orianna, so I was only worried about his Orianna. Apart from that, I just practiced really hard in scrims. I just did the things I had to do.

You were subbed back in for game 3. There must’ve been a lot of pressure on your shoulders.


It was the last game, so there was a lot of pressure, and I was definitely nervous. I’m really glad that I won.

Zoe and Akali are the two champions that you used the most in competitive. Right now, what is your favorite champion and why?


I really like Akali. When she got reworked, I believe I was the first player to play her in Challenger solo queue. Since then, I have continued to play her a lot.

Now that the regular split of the 2020 LCK Summer is over, can you share how you reflect upon this year?


This year was the first year that I played on a big stage, and I’ve experienced a lot. I think that’s why it feels so long.

T1 historically struggled in the early-mid stages of the regular split, but turned into a whole different team during playoffs. As this split’s playoffs will be your first time playing in the playoffs, how do you predict it’ll go for the team?


Because my teammates are very good, I have the mindset of winning every single game in the playoffs. My teammates are good to the point where I’m confident that we’ll beat everyone.

You reached the playoffs in your debut split. Now that you’ll only be playing against the top teams, do you feel pressured at all?


The recent loss against DAMWON Gaming makes me slightly uncomfortable. However, as long as I prepare well, we’ll beat everyone.

You played against many mid laners, and beat most of them. If you had to choose the top three LCK mid laners, who would they be?


I'd choose Chovy, ShowMaker, and Bdd. I’ve lost to Chovy a lot in solo queue, and I have a lot to learn from him, so I watch a lot of his streams. To me, Chovy’s an incredible player.

With many future achievements in your pocket, do you think there will come a day when you feel like you surpassed him?


(Laughter) I might feel that way if I beat him on a grand stage, but I’d still think (that he’s better)...

Speaking of mid laners, you also stated that you wanted to get close with Faker in your last interview. Did you ever get a chance to become closer friends?


Nope. Not yet.

ShowMaker previously mentioned that the way you communicate only seemed responsive (such as only saying ‘Yes, yes’) and that he felt you should speak up more. What’s your response to his opinion?


Since all my teammates are full of experience and they’re just that good, I believe we’ll do well as long as I do my part and follow their orders.

Your next opponents in the wildcard match of the playoffs are Afreeca Freecs. Fly’s a very unpredictable player, so what’s your analysis on him?


Fly’s a really good player. However, as long as I follow my team’s orders and play well, we’ll definitely win.

Lastly, would you like to send a message to your fans?


Thank you everyone for cheering for our team. I’ll continue to work hard, so please continue to cheer us on.

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