DWG Canyon: "I lost to Karsa during the Mid Seasons Cup, so I want my rematch."


On day 44 of the 2020 LCK Summer split, DAMWON Gaming took the series victory over kt Rolster and closed out their regular split with a win. DWG managed to set a new LCK record, as they had a 16-2 regular split record with an 87.18% win rate. In a POG interview with Nuguri and Canyon, Nuguri shared that he managed to achieve his dream of playing in the finals, and promised to become the LCK champions this split.


Nuguri and Canyon joined the official LCK broadcast to talk about their win over KT.



With this victory, the team now heads into its very first LCK finals. How do you feel?


Canyon: We knew that we’d head directly to the finals with this win over KT, so we were all very nervous. I’m very happy that we won today.


Nuguri: I’ve always dreamt of going to the finals, so I’m very happy.

This is DWG’s first LCK finals. Can you tell us who was the happiest in the team?


Nuguri: We were all very happy. Our CEO was watching the game as well, so when we won, he cheered very loudly with us.

Not only does today’s victory mean 1st place in the regular split standings, there are many other records that the team has set. Which record are you the most happy about?


Nuguri: All our records are unbelievable, so while I’m happy with every one of them, I think that the regular split points reflect our performance, so that’s the one I’m very happy about.


Canyon: The fact that we tied the record with 2015 SKT is just really amazing.

In game 1, KT picked Hecarim with Ignite-Smite. What are your thoughts on Hecarim in the current meta?


Canyon: I watched a bit of LEC recently, and teams even picked him blind. I’m still not convinced that Hecarim’s a good champion.

You went straight into the enemy’s Blue buff in game 1 to score a kill. Which aspects of your jungle pathing are you satisfied with?


Canyon: In the Nidalee vs Hecarim matchup, Nidalee has very clear advantages. If Nidalee can successfully counterjungle early, she gains a massive lead.

Whenever KT tried to tower dive, DWG’s response was perfect all the time. Can you tell us the secret behind the team’s perfect responses?


Nuguri: Because of our great teamwork, there’s a lot of information given from each lane. With such information, we can predict our opponent’s moves, so we plan our next moves based on them.

Now that the matches are held online, are there any difficulties with the team focusing?


Canyon: Because we’re playing from our practice facilities, there’s potential for the team to play worse due to the lack of nerves. However, we all stayed on our toes, so things turned out well.

How about you, Nuguri? Do you think it’s alright to play from your practice facility?


Nuguri: It was actually better to play from here during the first time around. However, as time passed, playing at LoL Park felt more real, and I did feel my nerves creeping up. While I now prefer playing at LoL Park, we’ll all make sure to adjust accordingly.

DWG is getting a lot of attention from other leagues. Are there teams in other leagues that you’re keeping an eye on?


Canyon: I think that TES and JDG from the LPL are very good.


Nuguri: I also think JDG plays very well.

Are there specific players that you’d like to play against from other leagues?


Nuguri: I think that every top laner wants to play against TheShy, and that includes me as well.


Canyon: I lost to Karsa during the Mid Seasons Cup, so I want my rematch.

DWG now awaits at the top of the LCK playoffs. Which of the other 4 teams do you think will be your opponents in the finals?


Nuguri: Right now, I think Gen.G will be our opponents.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Canyon: Now that we’re heading directly to the finals, we’ll make sure to win, no matter who our opponents will be.


Nuguri: We’ve grasped the opportunity that we’ve all dreamt of, so we’ll make sure to perform our best in the finals.

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