Gen.G Life: "Teddy-Effort are very similar to us, so both familiar and tricky aspects exist with them."


On day 44 of the 2020 LCK Summer split, Gen.G managed to defeat Afreeca Freecs with a set score of 2:0. There was a clear bot lane difference between these two teams, as Gen.G’s bot lane duo, Ruler-Life, had clear leads over their lane opponents to lead their team to victory.


Life joined Inven for a post-match interview, and shared how the AF’s bot lane duo are still very tricky opponents.



How does it feel to defeat AF and secure 3rd place in the regular standings?


Although I’m not satisfied with 3rd place, I want to reach higher places in the playoffs. Also, it feels good to beat Fly, because he and I were very close. He’s almost my crush. I consider him to be a very close friend, but I don’t know if he feels the same.

We expected a very close matchup in the bot lane, but it was incredibly one-sided. DId you expect it to be so one-sided?


I did not. After seeing the draft in game 2, I felt that the Mystic-Jelly duo was very eager to take us down. However, because of Bdd’s roams towards bot side, we were able to take the victory. If it wasn’t for him, we would’ve struggled.

Previously, you picked Mystic-Ben to be the trickiest opponents to face. Does that evaluation still stand?


I believe they’re still very strong. They are very good at playing to the characteristics of their picks, and there aren’t that many bot lane duos that can do that.

Playoffs are just around the corner. Between T1 and AF, which of the two teams do you think you’ll face?


We’ll definitely face T1, and I’m eager to face them. Apart from our last match, we always lost to T1, so I want to continue beating them.

How do you evaluate the Teddy-Effort duo? Do you think you’ll be able to show a dominating performance against them, just like today?


I think they’re very similar to our bot lane. The adc is very good at dealing damage, and the support can very much match him and finds good angles. Because of such similarity, both familiar and tricky aspects exist with them.

You’ve performed superbly on Sett today. Are there any other surprise picks that fans can expect?


I think that currently, there aren’t that many surprise picks that can be pulled out in the support role. There’s a clear tier list of support champions, and maybe Volibear support can count as a support pick, because of its flexibility in draft and as long as Volibear has Flash, you can definitely go for a kill.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


The COVID-19 pandemic has gotten worse, so please don’t forget to wear your masks when you go out. Thank you for all your support.

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