Riot Games has announced a new set, Teamfight Tactics: Fates


The new Teamfight Tactics adventure is set to take place two patches from now, in patch 10.19, and until then, Riot will be releasing more information on the creatures that are to come, as well as the land we will be clashing in.




The upcoming set is expected to last about six months, being released right after the Set 3's conclusion date on September 3-4.  Upcoming champions for the fourth set include Spirit Blossom Yasuo, Firecracker Jinx, Kennen, Lulu, God Fist Lee Sin, Warring Kingdoms Azir, Blood Moon Elise, and Sacred Sword Janna.


In the newly announced world, deep magic rules the lands, who take a life of their own. Creatures that inhabit this dimension include dragons, who wield the power of storm and shadow, leading armies to defend their territory. Players will encounter both kind spirits and evil phantasms, chosen by the dragons.


The new patch and set will include new Little Legends, synergies, and more.

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