Teamfight Tactics's developer hints at Set 4 theme, new champions, future content

▲ Images source: Riot Games


Riot Games uploaded a video to the League of Legends YouTube channel this morning that featured Teamfight Tactics Lead Developer T.J. "Riot Green Teej" Bourus laying a base for the future of the game's roadmap. The video covers what is next for the autochess' mobile version, a Little Legends update, and hints at the theme for the next set of Teamfight Tactics. 



Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies' set was released in March, and a mid-set update was released in June. The TFT developers plan on releasing a new set every six months with a mid-set update in the middle of that time frame. 


The following was stated verbatim by Green Teej regarding the new set: "In September, we're taking Pengu and his friends on a journey to distant lands where the strength of their spirits will blossom and their devotion to the gods will be tested. They will run into some familiar friends of the past and encounter new enemies from far-off kingdoms all in hopes to revel under the Blood Moon with the friends that they have chosen along the way."


The following League of Legends champions, with specific splash arts, if mentioned, were shown in the video during Green Teej's hints about the new set: Spirit Blossom Yasuo; Lulu; God Fist Lee Sin; Kennen; Warring Kingdoms Azir; Firecracker Jinx; Blood Moon Elise and Sacred Sword Janna. These could simply be in theme with the language used by Green Teej, or could be direct hints at what new champions are coming to Teamfight Tactics in the upcoming set scheduled for September release.


The developers will also be working on new features to optimize the Teamfight Tactics viewing experience, especially for those who like to watch the game on a competitive level. To further increase the number of ways players can enjoy TFT, the developers will also be exploring new potential game modes, with at least one arriving early next year.


▲ Teamfight Tactics' mobile experience will receive some quality of life changes in the near future.


The TFT mobile experience will also be receiving quality of life updates to offer an optimized gaming experience regardless of platform. Match history, chat, patch notes, and other features will be implemented via mobile. Green Teej states in the video that players can expect to see these updates rolled out between now and early next year.


Little Legends have been immensely popular with the TFT playerbase, so the development team is expanding the ways players can personalize their Little Legends, but also aims to offer more diversity in appearance in future Little Legends releases. 


Green Teej closes the video with a message to the Teamfight Tactics playerbase: "It's been over a year since release and just looking back at how far we've come makes me so proud of our team and so thankful for your support. We are working to make every aspect of the TFT experience as enjoyable as it can be, so whether you're coming in 1st or just top 8, I'll see you out there in the Convergence."




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