B-Sides: Patch 10.16b buffs five champions; nerfs seven

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Riot Games released notes for a small side patch to Patch 10.16 dubbed 10.16b on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 19.


The patch consists only of small changes to 12 champions, with five of the champions being buffed and the seven others receiving nerfs. These changes have been made ahead of Patch 10.17, which has already been discussed publicly by Riot Games. 


One patch after Lilia's release on 10.15, Yone was released on 10.16 and has been an especially popular pick due to his frequent references in Yasuo's lore in the years leading up to his release as a new champion. A lifesteal bug in Yone's Ultimate ability, Fate Sealed, has been fixed, and the scaling on the power of his Mortal Steel has been decreased slightly. This change is expected to primarily impact 'Skilled' players; the label consists of players from Platinum-Diamond 3. 


Other nerfs that are coded as 'Skilled' have been doled out to Sona, Lux, Evelynn and Hecarim. Sona/Lux has been a popular bot lane combo, but Lux has seen plenty of professional play across the globe all on her own. Lux's Prismatic Barrier's shield has been toned down, and its mana cost now scales upwards with levels. Sona's base stats have been lowered and her three abilities have all received adjustments to tone down their potency alongside a strong ultimate in Crescendo.


Evelynn's Hate Spike now deals less damage, and Hecarim, who has also been seen in pro play, had his movespeed lowered on his Devastating Charge. Qiyana's nerfs target the players in the 'Elite' group, which covers Diamond 2-Challenger; her Terrashape dealing less bonus damage and her Audacity's base damage also being toned down. Caitlyn's base movement speed nerfs are in response to her buffs in 10.15, and is a nerf that should affect players at all levels, including the pros.


Aatrox, Varus, Kai'Sa, Gragas, and Xayah are receiving buffs. All five champions have seen a fair amount of competitive play throughout the past few seasons, but stand at relatively lower positions of power than usual in the meta.


The three marksmen received attack speed growth increases, with Kai'Sa also receiving a scaling buff to the bonus attack speed on her Supercharge. Gragas had his base armor increased which should potentially bring the Rabble Rouser back to the jungle more frequently, and Aatrox's Worldender ultimate now deals more bonus damage. 



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