Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain: New card announcements tease Leona as next champion


The spoilers for Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion continue and today it's new keyword day. After we got Nightfall a few days ago, now we get the opposite — Daybreak — which triggers when this is the first card you play in a round.



From what we've seen so far, the Daybreak keyword is attached to the Solari race, as expected. Furthermore, the theme hints towards Leona likely being the next Call of the Mountain champion to be announced tomorrow (like Nocturne was in conjunction with the Nightfall keyword). Leona is, after all, the most recognized Solari champion (not counting Pantheon as a former Solari, who is also a Targon champion). 


Below are the four new Call of the Mountain cards revealed today, August 19.

Solari Soldier

  • Targon Follower
  • 1 mana 2/2
  • Daybreak: Give me +1/+1 this round


Solari Shieldbearer

  • Targon Follower
  • 2 mana 3/2
  • Daybreak: Give me +0/+4 this round


Sun Guardian

  • Targon Follower
  • 6 mana 4/3
  • Overwhelm
  • Daybreak: Give me +4/+4 this round


Rahvun, Daylight's Spear

  • Targon Follower
  • 5 mana 5/5
  • Daybreak: Create a random Daybreak card in hand. It's always Day for us. 

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