[TMI Interview] T1 Canna: "If top ties because of the opponent jungler's pressure, it's the jungler's fault."


T1 Kim “Canna” Chang-dong has been playing far past expectations in the top lane in his rookie year, especially this season. He’s currently no.1 in the LCK in number of solo kills, and is definitely contributing a lot to the team. As another young talent in the LCK, Canna is on his way to fame and fortune. Inven caught up with Canna after one of their matches to add another episode to the TMI Interview series.



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Kim Chang-dong


Date of birth?


February 11th, 2000


Place of birth?




Blood type?




How's your personality?


A quiet attention seeker


Music preference?




Movie genre preference?


Horror... Thriller movies.


Favorite food?




Food you can't eat?


There isn't anything.


Hobby besides gaming?


Um... Just watching Youtube at home.


Anything you do well unexpectedly?


Ummm… Something I do well… Umm... Have fun playing?


Your dream as a child?


President. Oh! Um... a fire truck. I should have said a fireman back then, but I think I was confused.


Something you're into recently?


There isn't much, but... Horror games?


How did you name yourself?


I watched "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" and there's a character named Kanna Kamui.


Anything that gives you energy?




Teddy picked you as the teammate that he'd like to take to a deserted island. He said it seems you'd be a good hunter. What do you think?


I think I would do my best hunting, but if I were to go with Teddy, I'll make him hunt.


Teddy said that if you hunt, he'll cook. How do you think his cooking would be?


In that case, I'd gladly go hunt. I don't know how the food will be... I think it'll be bad.


Closest pro gamer outside of T1?


There aren't any... Hoit?


If you weren't a top laner?


I think I would have gone to the jungle.


How much of a "crazy top laner" are you?


About 60%? I don't think I am a "crazy top laner".


Honestly, do you think you look similar to Changmo?

▲ Korean rapper, Changmo (Image via Ambition Musik Youtube)

At first, I didn't know... But people around me kept saying that we look alike, so I thought... Maybe when we smile?


Favorite song at karaoke?


Xiah Junsu's Love is like snowflake.


When you play 1v1 before matches to warm up, who is the most interesting to play with, or who is the easiest opponent?


I only played 1v1s with Faker, so I don't know.


How would you express how you feel today in color?


I'll say red.


What do you think Effort's RGB value is?


His RGB… I don't know... I'm not sure.


Going on an overnight temple stay trip with Effort vs Listening to Teddy's Let's get it for 3 hours vs Listening to Faker's jokes for 5 hours?


I'll go on a temple stay with Effort. 


Favorite champion?




Favorite skin? 


Program Camille


If you can have a LoL item IRL, what would it be?


Trinity Force. Trinity Force has everything, so it's called that. I think it would be fun. 


If you can use a champion's ability IRL, what would you choose?


Twisted Fate's ult. 


When did you first play LoL? 


I first played in... Eight grade.


First tier placement?


Bronze 3


What style of skin would you want to make?


I'd like to decorate Irelia pretty. 


Flash, D or F?




A word to those who use D flash?


I hate D flash. 


If you were an idol, would you be a dancer/singer/rapper/entertainer?


I'd be a singer. I think it'll be fun. 


The champion you least want to meet in top lane?


Ranged champions? Lucian.


Going 0/5/0 and winning the game, or 8/0/0 and losing the game? 


I'll go 8/0/0 and lose the game.


Faker says teammates nowadays don't know Buzz. Is that true?


Buzz? I know Buzz. I like Buzz. Coward? Don't know men...


If you were to be born again, still be a pro gamer?


Yes. It's fun.


Something you want to do in this lifetime?


Go to Europe? 


If top dies, it's the jungler's fault, yes or no?


If top ties because of the opponent jungler's pressure, it's the jungler's fault.


A word to all the junglers out there?


Come gank top. 


What improved after moving to a new facility?


The facility itself was good before, but it got even better. The food is good and there are many things that are supported.


Favorite food in T1's restaurant?


Pork bulgogi with rice.


What's scarier, stealing Teddy's red or Faker's blue? 


I'm not afraid to do both, but since Red is tastier, I'll take Red.


Becoming shorter than Ellim and getting paid 1 billion won vs just teasing him like you do now?


I'll... Just stay taller than he is.


How was the TMI interview?


I only watched them...  Now that I tried, it's interesting and fun.


Lastly, a word to the fans?


It's something we always say... It's unfortunate that we don't get to meet you. Thank you for always cheering for us from afar. 

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