Fall Guys overtakes League of Legends, Fortnite to become Twitch's most watched game


With an average viewership of over 180,000 for the past seven days and a peak of 523,000 on its release day of August 4, battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout by Mediatonic (and published by Devolver Digital) is Twitch's new sensation. 


The game is a deceptively simple, almost genius take on the battle royale genre. Instead of a massive map and an FPS/TPS element, Fall Guys is more like Tetris 99 in the sense that it has more arcade gameplay. In any given match, up to 60 players have to go through beautifully chaotic levels (or mini-games) until the last man standing wins. One level can be a race through an obstacle course. Another can be surviving for a certain time.  And every mini-game and every second of it is just pure madness. 



For Mediatonic and Devolver, the game has been an absolute hit and a sales gold mine. Fall Guys sold 1.5M copies on the first day alone. By the end of the first week, that number had grown to 2M. Over half a million people tuned to watch the game's first day on Twitch, and it since has had two more days with peaks of over 400,000. On average, between 3,500 and 4,000 people stream Fall Guys every single day. 


All of this makes it Twitch's most popular game right now, according to stats websites Twitch Tracker and Sully Gnome. Fall Guys has beaten esports staple League of Legends, as well as long-reigning battle royale king Fortnite in terms of average viewership and hours watched. Just two weeks after it launched, it has the fifth-highest average daily channel count and is within reach of overtaking VALORANT and League of Legends and climb to third place. 


Image by Sully Gnome


The question now that Fall Guys has to answer for itself is how long can it keep the interest going. Launch month interest is rarely an indicator for longevity, as many games have proven before, including APEX Legends, WoW: Classic, or Escape from Tarkov. 


Then again, when esports teams like G2 Esports are bidding six-figure sums to have their "logo on a bean in a video game", maybe Mediatonic and Devolver have something really special going on for them.


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