4 Sports-Themed Online Games to Play While You're Stuck Inside

Esports and competitive online gaming have been a thing for a while. It has grown to become a giant industry worth over $1 billion so far. There are high expectations that the industry will keep growing, especially in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.


▲ Casual fun in the great indoors

COVID-19 abruptly upset 'the way the world works,' and, from the look of it, they will never revert to the old 'normal.' As physical contact sports become almost impossible, fanatics worldwide are turning to the next closest thing: sports-themed online games and esports. This explains why today, as the next frontier of sports - esports - gains popularity, online casinos are at the center of it.
Most of the games you will find with ease are electronic versions of popular card games, slots, and poker. If you are an esports player and a regular sports fan, there are sports-themed versions of these games you should try. They are just as challenging and fun to play as popular esports. Better still, you can match up against other players in live tournaments.

Find out more about these sports-themed games at Casinotalk.com. To help you along, here are some of the best sports-themed games you should try.


Football Carnival

Are you the kind of person who looks forward to the football world cup every four years? If so, you should play the Football Carnival slots game by Playtech.

Brazil is generally accepted as the capital of soccer and the spiritual home of Football. Playtech designed and built a fantastic game that combines the Brazilian party 'Carnival' with Football. The game features a kaleidoscope of colors with dominant yellow, blue, and green.

The samba soundtracks of the game, combined with funky riffs and sound effects, makes this game a must-play. If you are looking for the kind of excitement and fanfare typical with live sporting events, this game may be just what you need.


Scudamore's Super Stakes

How much do you know about horses? Did you enjoy horse racing before the world of sports went belly up? If so, the Scudamore's Super Stakes game seamlessly combines competitive gaming with horse racing.

Developed by NetEnt, this slots game is based on the career of Peter Scudamore, a knight whose family has been in the horseracing business for generations. As a result, the game is a blend of jockey and horse racing theme as a backdrop of exciting gambling.

Scudamore's Super Stakes features 90s-like graphics on a green background accompanied by old-school TV soundtracks. If you miss those days of jockeying, the twenty lines of three rows and five columns on this game are a great way to reminiscence.


Break Away

Microgaming's Ice hockey-themed slots game Break Away is one of the most popular casual online games you can play on your browser. The developer dedicated this game to the hockey sport. Considering how fast-paced the sport is, it is only expected that the slots game it is themed after is fascinating.

The most exciting features of Break Away are the animated winning combinations on the screen. It has exciting imagery and impressive animations that include symbols blowing up on the screen. Whether you love ice hockey, play it as an esport, or just want to enjoy a great slot game, you have to try Break Away.


Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven

You have probably heard of Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven game; it is very popular. This sports-themed slots game rose to the top charts of online games within months of its release. Playtech developed the game in honor of legendary Italian Jockey Frankie Dettori.

Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven game is a demonstration of the successful integration of a sports theme in a web-based game. Enjoy the brilliant colors and incredible graphics while taking a shot at the big jackpot that could change your life!

There are hundreds of sports-themed online games you will enjoy playing online. When you take a break from esports, try something new by exploring and trying out these online games. If you are a sports fan new to online gaming and esports, these games could be the stepping stone to the world of esports.

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