Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain spoilers: Trundle is revealed and he's control player's dream

Artwork by Riot Games


Trundle is the third new champion revealed from Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain expansion set. As expected, Trundle is a Freljord champion and, also as expected, is a perfect fit to midrange/control decks. 



  • 5 mana
  • 4/6
  • Regeneration
  • When I'm summoned, create an Ice Pillar in Hand
  • Level up: I've seen you play Ice Pillar

Trundle, level 2

  • 5 mana
  • 5/7
  • Regeneration
  • Overwhelm
  • When I'm summoned, create an Ice Pillar in Hand
  • Attack: Grant me +1/+0 for each 8+ cost card you Behold. 

Trundle's kit makes him a control player's dream. He trades insanely well in the mid game and as 4/6 with Regeneration, he isn't easily killable at all. When he levels up, he also gains overwhelm, so he starts pushing Nexus damage, too, while remaining very tanky.


His Ice Pillar spell is also great. It costs 8 mana and comes down as only 0/8, meaning it can be destroyed over a few turns, but it refunds its mana once played, so you don't lose a tempo, and helps you clear the biggest threats on the board. 


Trundle's reveal also showed a heap of new cards all geared towards midrange/control decks. These are expensive spells and units focused on board clear and survival, and those who've enjoyed playing Freljord controls so far (think Warmother Controls or Anivia Reanimators) will certainly appreciate them.


Call of the Mountain champions revealed so far:


Trundle's friends: Call of the Mountain new cards

Ice Pillar

  • Follower
  • 8 mana
  • 0/8
  • Vulnerable
  • Play: Refill 8 mana
  • Play and Round Start: Give the Strongest enemy Vulnerable this round


August of the Old Ones

  • Follower
  • 6 mana
  • 5/5
  • Overwhelm
  • Regeneration
  • Play: If you Behold an 8+ cost card, grant an ally Overwhelm and Regeneration


Trundle's Icequake

  • Slow Spell
  • 8 mana
  • Give ALL units -3|-0 this round. Deal 3 to ALL units. Shuffle a Trundle into your deck.


Broadbacked Protector

  • Follower
  • 4 mana
  • 2/7
  • Round Start: Heal your Nexus 3. Deal damage to me equal to the amount healed.


Revitalizing Roar

  • Slow Spell
  • Pick a unit in your hand to reveal. Heal your Nexus by its Power.
  • Enlightened: Reduce its cost to 0


Resplendent Stellacorn

  • Follower
  • 5 mana
  • 4/5
  • Play: Heal an ally and your Nexus 3



Call of the Mountain launches August 26 with seven new champions and 82 new non-champion cards. 

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