Gen.G Clid: "If our teamwork is at 100%, I know that we can beat anyone."


On the 16th (KST), Gen.G took on Hanwha Life Esports on day 41 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. With this 2:0 victory by Gen.G, they’ve closed the gap against DRX, while simultaneously widening the gap against T1 in the standings. The jungler for Gen.G, Clid, was able to lead his victory on Sett and Volibear. He shared his honest opinions on drafts, where he thinks that team compositions do not dictate 100% of how well the drafts go, thus it’s more important to draft in a way that emphasizes a team’s color.


The following is Clid’s post-match interview at the press room in LoL Park.



How does it feel to take the victory?


We’re nearing the end of the season, and I’m glad that we took the clean 2:0.

How satisfied are you with today’s performance? Is there anything that you’re dissatisfied with?


We didn’t have priority in game 1’s draft, and HLE was even able to take Volibear, so we struggled a little bit. We needed to play according to our draft, but we couldn’t, so I’m pretty disappointed about it. However, after we caught out the enemy Janna, we were able to stop their momentum, so that’s something I’m content with.

In game 1, HLE’s upper lanes proved to be very tough. Can you tell us what the players talked about in comms?


All three of our lane champions didn’t have priority, so we just told ourselves to take it slow and scale. We thought that one dragon teamfight will change the flow of the game.

Speaking of Janna, she seemed like the champion that would counter many aspects of Gen.G’s team composition.


We had a very heavy engage comp, so who and how we engaged was important. That was more on our minds than Lehend’s Janna.

The draft was all about taking either Sett or Volibear. Are those champions on the top of the tier list?


Jungle champions that build the ‘Cinderhulk’ enchantment are mostly picked in the current competitive meta. While AP champions that build ‘Runic Echoes’ is on the rise as well, I think that champions that build the ‘Warrior’ enchantment have fallen quite low on the tier list.

Lillia is also a champion that’s also being picked in competitive play. What kind of champion do you think it is?


It’s still hard to tell. While her strengths are definitely there, her weaknesses are clear as day. I need to play her more to research. It’s still a pretty new champion, so I think everyone’s doing their homework on her.

Evelynn is also a champion that’s seeing a resurgence on live servers. She’s a champion that many say there are too many conditions for her to be played competitively, so what’s your take on her?


In a way, champions that build Runic Echoes or Cinderhulk will struggle to influence their lanes early. The current jungle matchup is all about fast clearing the jungle, so I think there’s potential for her to see some stage time.

What’s your honest evaluation on where Gen.G stands amongst the four teams that made it to the playoffs?


I definitely think that our teamwork and synergy aren’t at 100%. If that number does become 100%, I know that we can beat anyone. When I rewatched the recent matches that we lost, we easily gave up opportunities where we could definitely win. When facing off against the otp teams, I think the draft will be very important. If teams draft in a way where they can match their playstyle, it’s anyone’s game to win.

Gen.G’s last opponent of the regular split is Afreeca Freecs, who are looking to punch the last playoffs ticket.


If we don’t get complacent in our preparation against them and perform well, our, as well as our fans’ minds will be at ease.


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