AF Fly: "It's rare that I get to play Lux, so I'm very disappointed in my performance on her."


On the 15th (KST), Afreeca Freecs defeated SANDBOX Gaming on day 40 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. After a dominating victory by AF in game 1, they were more experimental with their picks in game 2. Lux, a champion who’s usually used in the support role in the current meta, was flexed into the mid lane, thus showing more of an experimental side of AF. 


The mid laner for AF, Fly, joined the press room for a post-match interview.

It seemed that today’s series wasn’t an easy one. How does it feel to take the victory?


I got carried by my team. I’m grateful.

In game 2, Jhin, Lux and Quinn were picked up by your team. How did these unorthodox picks come to be?


It’s a team composition that we always practiced during practice. I didn’t land too many of my skillshots on Lux, but if I did, I think the comp would’ve worked out.

Speaking of picking Lux, you really lived up to your reputation of picking the unorthodox champions.


It’s been a really long time. I always first picked my champion during drafts, so it was a rare opportunity that I got to play her. I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t play her well.

You’re known to play a lot of these ‘immobile mage champions’, such as Viktor and Lux. Is there a reason why you favor such champions?


It’s just my style. They’re the champions that really fit my playstyle. I personally prefer a playstyle that involves dodging the enemy’s skillshots while landing my own. Such immobility also comes with strong damaging skills, so if I can land them, I come out ahead.

The chances of AF locking in it’s spot for playoffs has grown significantly. Can you tell us what kind of feedback you received before game 3?


The feedback was only about game 2. After that, I went into my own little world, and thought about other things. I screwed up a lot since the early laning phase during game 3, so I asked my teammates to carry me today. 

Next match is against KT. Can you share your resolution with us?


Our head coach told us that we need to beat then no matter what, because there are a lot of former AF players on the current KT squad.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


As I played my 300th match in the LCK, the fans made me a message book. I was incredibly moved by it, and received a lot of motivation just by reading it. I’ll make sure to reach the playoffs and work hard towards punching my ticket to Worlds.



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