T1 Effort: "I showed the hairdresser V's picture, telling them I want that color."


On the 13th (KST), T1 shut out Afreeca Freecs 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split. It was a clean victory for T1, who was competing for higher placement in the regular season. Through the win, they tied themselves at 3rd place alongside Gen.G. Lee “Effort” Sang-ho had a key role in the day’s victory for T1 and he joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel winning today’s match to tie yourselves in 3rd place?


I’m happy that we took a step up in the standings. I’m also glad that we won against one of the top five teams. It’s more satisfying that our performance is in a decent state.

You won 6 straight matches, 12 straight sets. It seems that the team atmosphere would be really good.


The atmosphere is quite good. Everything’s good and we’ve been practicing as we always have been.

Why do you think you’re on this long winning streak?


The individual performance is at a high level and the teamwork is really good. I think that’s the reason behind our winning streak.

You played Leona in game 1. It was completely different from your past performance on Leona. Did you practice her separately?


I thought she was a great pick, so I practiced a lot. I think that’s why I played alright on Leona today.

Did Teddy prepare Senna a lot to play today?


We didn’t play Senna up to now, but the situation was right to pick her. All the top tier ADCs in the recent meta were all banned. The next tier ADCs appeared, and we thought Senna was good among them.

You’ve been playing duo a lot with Teddy recently. Is there a special reason?


There isn’t any specific reason. We just wanted to duo, so we are.

T1’s engages mostly started with Effort, but it seems that you’ve been rather relieved from that burden. What do you mainly discuss with your teammates?


There are different roles for every champion. Recently, most of our lanes win in lane, so I’m more comfortable playing as we have the upper hand. I think everyone’s doing their role great.

The schedule for Worlds was announced. There isn’t a long break after the Regional Qualifiers until the play-ins. What does the team think?


We don’t think of that at all. Whatever way, we think it’ll be great to head straight to Worlds. Other than that, getting there is our no.1 goal.

Cuzz has been in charge of shotcalling within the team. Head coach Kim also said that the calls within the team have been corresponding well. How is the system?


During the laning, Cuzz usually is in charge of the shot calls on the top and mid. In bot lane, Teddy and I make the calls for the dragon. In the late game, we decide our moves depending on everyone’s opinion.

Teddy recently said that you’ve been trying to play more aggressively. Can you elaborate on playing aggressively?


When we win lane, rather than hitting the opponent’s turret, I try to get in the opponent’s jungle and apply pressure on their mid lane and jungle.

How did you get to dye your hair again?


It was a color that I’ve always wanted to have my hair. The time was alright, so I did. It’s ice blue.


▲ Image via V's Instagram


We know that you’re a big fan of V from BTS. Did you follow that?


I showed the hairdresser V's picture, telling them I want that color. I’m very satisfied.

Your remaining matches are against DAMWON Gaming and DRX, the two teams that are above you. How are your resolutions?


Watching their matches, it was really difficult to find a crack in their performance. We actually lost against them. I’m not quite sure yet that we can beat them, but we have good momentum and our performance is a lot better. I think it’s worth putting up a fight with DRX and DAMWON Gaming.

Any last comments?


Our remaining matches are against the top teams. We’ll maintain our momentum and try to win against both of those teams. Thank you.

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