[TMI Video Interview] All you might wonder about T1 Teddy


T1 bot laner and ADC Park "Teddy" Jin-seong is known not only for his skilled performances, but for his sociability among the pro gamers. They say he also talks too much while Teddy agrees. Who else would be a better candidate for our TMI Interviews? This time, we caught up with Teddy to ask 50 questions.



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Park Jin-seong

Date of birth



Place of birth


Seoul...Geonguk Univ... Uh.. I don't know. Seoul.

Blood type?



Your personality?


I'm nonchalant… and kind of blunt?

Speech habit?


I often smack my lips… and often say umm... and sounds like that.

Favorite snack?


Recently Corn Flakes? I eat it without milk.

Least favorite food?


I dislike tomatoes the most.

What do you do during your free time?


In my free time... recently… I've been reading a novel titled . Originally, I just listen to music on Youtube.

What gives you energy?


I just get energized when I'm good, and melancholy when I'm bad.

How did you get your nickname?


I used to sleep hugging my teddy bear because that was comfy… I don't anymore… But back then, there was nothing to name myself so I decided on Teddy.

They say that you struggle with the S pronunciation. So say "Stag searching through the woods thoroughly" within 3 seconds.

*Note: 숲속을 샅샅히 뒤지는 숫사슴 is a Korean tongue twister.




Stag searching through the woods thoroughly


It seems like YOU're not that good as well... Stag searching through the woods thoroughly.


Pretty good...?

If you were to take a teammate to an isolated island, who would you take?


If I were to take a teammate... I think I've done this before… I'll take Canna. He has a good body, so he can hunt, then I can cook it nicely.

Pro gamer that you're closest to besides T1 members?


Pro gamer that I'm closest to besides T1... Do they have to be active? This is kind of vague… I'm kind of close to all of them… Recently, we're in the same area as Ruler. Since the area is near, I met him often.

I had a TMI Interview a few days ago with Keria… He answered Teddy without any hesitation.


Can I change it?

Do you miss Ilsan Seo-ga-won sometimes yes or no?



Lee Sang-me vs Lee Sang-ho? (Calling Effort by comparing him to Messi)


His name is Sang-ho so Lee Sang-ho.

Yasuo-Gragas vs Sona-Tahm Kench?



Hitting the turret vs killing champions?


Killing champions.

Emergency room vs Eyes nose mouth? (K-pop songs)


I dislike both of them… Emergency room.

Emergency room vs shaving your head?


Emergency room.


▲ A few years ago in Jin Air Green Wings...


Shaving your head again and getting paid 100M won vs just living as it is?


Shaving my head is alright… 100 million won is a lot of money… but I'm not sure if that 100 million won would heal my mentality [from shaving my head]. I'll shave my head and wear a wig.

Shooting 10 Klevv ads and getting paid 10 billion won vs just living.


Shooting 10 and getting 10 billion won.

Going on an overnight temple stay trip with Effort vs listening to Faker's jokes for 5 hours?


I like traveling with Effort. I like Effort, so I'll go on a trip with him.

Have you laughed at Faker's jokes?


I have.

Going bot with Faker's Alistar vs Canna's Lulu?


Ummm… Faker's Ali… It depends on the meta. Sometimes melee support is better. It seems that Lulu is a bit better nowadays… But I don't know.


So Canna's Lulu...



Blitz vs Blank?



Vladi vs Vlmi?



Nunu vs Nulump?



Park Jin-seong vs Park Jong-sin?


Park Jin-seong

Favorite champion?


My favorite champion is… The champion I'm the most interested in recently is Vayne.

First skin you ever bought?


The first skin I ever bought was… I really don't know, but it's probably Vayne. Vindicator Vayne? It was 520 RP. Blue... I think it was Vindicator Vayne.

When did you first start LoL?


I made my account when I was in 8th grade. But back then, my friend forced me to play so I didn't play often. When I got in 9th grade and started playing ranked, that was when I really started having fun.

First tier?


I was placed in Silver 5.

Pro gamers that you like to meet during solo ranked?


If I were to pick one… Should I pick a teammate?

Besides T1.


Okay... then a support… I'll pick Keria.

If you have to go as a bot duo with an ADC player?





Well... He's good looking. I think he'll be forgiving when I make a mistake, so I think it'll be good.

Who'll be the ADC?


Huh? Isn't it that I'm support?

If you weren't an ADC, which position would you have gone to?


If I weren't an ADC, I would have gone mid or top. Most likely, I would have been a top laner. I probably would put my head in all the time playing top.

This is a designated question for this interview. Flash D or F?


I use D.

Have you ever flashed while chatting?


I think I often did…

How was the TMI Interview?


That was 50 questions already? It was fun. I enjoy answering questions, so it was interesting. I hope other players have fun in this interview as well. Thank you.

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