[TMI Interview] DRX Keria: "If Faker says it's F (for Flash), then it's F."


The support player for DRX, Keria, is a player that’s considered the best support in the LCK by many. Not only does he impress fans watching at home with his jaw-dropping plays on the Summoner’s Rift, he’s only 17-years old, with limitless potential.


Welcome to another TMI Interview series. In this interview, Keria shared some of his personal preferentials that seemingly aligns the interests of a 17-year old, which involved Lux (especially Battle Academia Lux), and not pineapple pizza.  



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Ryu Min-seok.

Date of Birth?


October 14th, 2002.

Place of Birth?



Blood Type?



What’s your personality like?


Not very good.

Speech habit?


Um… I say “Um…” a lot.

Favorite snack?



Least favorite food?


Peppers (Deft likes them)

What do you do in your free time?


I lie down.

What’s your MBTI?


I took that test on a stream, but I don’t remember what I got. (Note: It was ISFP)

How did you get your nickname?


I just searched for whatever on the internet and found it.

Loudest player on DRX?



Closest player on DRX?



The most unique player on DRX?



The closest pro gamer friend you have other than your teammates?



A pro gamer you’d like to get to close with?


No one in particular.

Your childhood dream?


Pro gamer.

Your darkest history?


When I cried after the playoffs.

‘Cry, cry endlessly’...?


Mmhmm [Nod].

Your best subject in school?



Your best champion?



Your favorite champion?





She’s pretty [This was his fastest answer]. Her skin is pretty. The Battle Academia one.

Even if it’s not a support champion, is there a champion that you’d like to be good at?



A champion that looks cool when someone’s good at it?



Favorite skin?


Battle Academia Lux.

First skin you ever bought?


Foxfire Ahri.

When did you first start playing League?


2013. Grade 5.

First champion you ever played?


Master Yi…? Ah! Blitzcrank? It’s either Blitz or Master Yi.

First tier you placed into?


Bronze 4.

A pro gamer that you like to meet in solo queue?





Reason…? When I meet Faker in solo queue and I roam mid to feed him kills, he’ll like it I think…

If you had to go bot lane with another support player, who would it be?





He’s good.

Favorite aspect about Deft?


He has a great personality.

A stream that you like to watch?


T1 players’ streams.

A Youtube channel that you like to watch?


Depends on the Youtube algorithm.

‘I was known to be good at LoL in school’ O X?



‘Sometimes, I regret deciding to be a support main’ O X?



If you didn’t main support, which other role would you be playing?



‘Cry. Cry endlessly’ vs ‘The all-time monstrous genius’?


The Genius.

The all-time monstrous genius’ vs Seo Kang-joon?


The Genius.

‘Calm Down Man’ vs ‘Lilka’?




▲ Korean Youtuber/content creator, Lilka (Source: Maxim)


‘I believe that I’m the best support player’ O X?



Pineapple Pizza O X?



Who’s the best at 1 vs 1s on DRX?



This next question is a staple question of this interview. Flash on D or F?



Deft takes Flash on D. What would you like to say to the ‘D Flash’ users?


If Faker says it’s F, then it’s F…

What will you do after this interview?


‘DRX Way Back Home’?

Your opinion on the TMI 50/50 Interview? Have you done an interview like this before?


I have not, but it kept me on the ball.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


The remaining matches of the Summer split… If we do well… We can do well… (?) Can I do it again? We’ll make sure to play hard in our upcoming matches. Please continue to support us. Thank you.

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