[Interview] Behind T1 Canna's Growth, there was Cuzz: "Nowadays, I do wish he would babysit me top"


On the 9th (KST), day 34 of the 2020 LCK Summer split took place at LoL Park, Seoul. T1 managed to defeat Team Dynamics with a set score of 2:0, and managed to take a dominating victory against them. The top laner for T1, Canna, received Player of the Game for both game 1 and 2 with his incredible performances on Wukong and Camille respectively.


Canna joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match interview. 



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


While it was very disappointing for us to lose to DYN in round 1, I’m glad that we took an easy victory over them today.

Currently, how confident are you in your own performance?


The reason why I can perform the way I do right now is all because of my teammates teaching me various things and themselves performing well. That’s why I was able to improve to the level that I’m at right now. Obviously, it feels good to carry and be named POG (laughter).

If you had to choose one person that contributed the most to your growth, who would it be?


While both the coaching staff and the players help me, Cuzz is especially stern with me. Since the beginning of the split, he told me that I need to play on my own. I think that really helped. Obviously, in the beginning, when I didn’t know anything about the team game, I told myself, ‘Well, he told me I need to do things on my own, so I should try”, but nowadays, I do wish he would babysit me top (laughter).

What kind of a top laner do you hope to be?


I want to be a top laner that everyone looks up to. I want to carry when I do, and be that shield when my team needs me to be one.

Recently, the top laner for DWG, Nuguri, said some great things about you.


He’s been a fantastic top laner since last year. When he said those great things about me, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I really have grown, haven’t I’.

Rich pulled out Fiora in game 2. Where does she stand in the current meta?


I haven’t played her a lot, so I’m not sure. She’s continuing to receive small buffs here and there, and as long as she can fit into a certain team composition and when I’m on split pushing duty, I think it’s an okay pick.

The Camille vs Fiora matchup has been a thing for a while.


While it’s true that Fiora has an edge over Camille in the laning phase, if the Camille player knows how to play against Fiora, it’s not that bad for Camille. I wasn’t too worried about the disadvantageous lane matchup.

Lastly, can you share some words of resolutions for your upcoming matches?


Our team’s now on a five-match win streak. I’m disappointed that we lost against the teams that we could definitely beat. I want to keep winning to punch our ticket to Worlds.



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