AFs Mowgli: "Dongbin "Score" Ko is my role model"


On February 28th (KST), the 21st day of 2017 LCK Spring Split ended as Afreeca Freecs defeated Kongdoo Monster with a 2-0 record. Although the record might suggest otherwise, the games were close contests between the two teams.

For Jaeha "Mowgli" Lee, today's victory for AFs was especially meaningful as this was his first win in the LCK.

Here is our interview with him.

Congratulations on your first LCK win! You must be elated.

I'm really glad. We've practiced a lot for today's match. I'm thrilled that we have won.

You must have been disappointed after the last defeat. How did you feel before today's match? Were you nervous?

I wasn't really nervous. I just went into the match thinking that I just have to focus on what I need to do well. We started off well in Game 1, but it took longer than it should be because we stumbled in the mid and late game. It was harder for Game 2 because the opposing team prepared a composition that's strong in the early game.

The team wasn't doing so great lately. Do you think you were chosen to be today's starting member for a reason?

My teammates were comfortable with me enough, and there were some areas where I was better organized in terms of communication.

How did you feel when you've heard that you'll be playing today?

I felt sorry for Dayoon "Spirit" Lee, but I also wanted to do my best because I was entrusted with the starting position.

KDM's Punch is known to be good at Graves. Why did you allow him to pick Graves in Game 1?

I was confident enough to face his Graves with Rengar. Actually, it didn't matter whether he picked Graves or Rengar. After the draft phase, we were free to choose the other jungler while having another good pick on the other lane, so it didn't matter either way.

What kind of player do you want to be? Do you have any player that you look up to?

I want to be an intelligent player - I want to play smart. As for a role model, I think Dongbin "Score" Go is my role model in the LCK.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything that you want to share?

The second half of the split is about to start; we'll do our best to do better than the first half.

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