DWG ShowMaker: "The team that wins the championship would be the best team, and the mid laner of that team would be the best mid laner."

On the 8th (KST), DAMWON Gaming dominated SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split wiht a 2-0 victory. Although DRX collected their 13th win first earlier this day, DAMWON Gaming brought back their position right away. After the match, Heo "ShowMaker" Su joined the media room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s victory?


I feel good that we won smoothly 2-0.

SeolHaeOne Prince picked up more kills early in game 1. What did you discuss in that situation?


We thought that we fell behind, but we believed that we would win if we keep our heads together and concentrate.

On the other hand, game 2 was a dominating victory. Did everything go as planned?


Yes. We played well according to our composition.

Looking at DAMWON Gaming’s recent performance, it doesn’t seem that you’ll lose. How confident are you and your teammates?


We’re actually very confident. Unless we make an extremely big mistake, we can take the game advantageously. Since we win more often than not, I think all of us have a similar thought.

Different from when you first entered the LCK, DAMWON Gaming seems very consistent. Did the team get rid of all the nervousness on official matches?


Back then, there was the nervousness, but more than that, our abilities weren’t as good as now and we lacked experience. Now, we’re not nervous at all and since all of my teammates are doing well, we were able to play well. If we only fought mechanically in the past, we now use our heads more and think more of the macro.

What is your biggest strength as a mid laner?


My biggest strength would be that I can carry any role with any champion. Also, I’m confident that I can make any play whenever necessary.

You’ve become tied at 1st in POG points for the regular season. How are your hopes for it?


I’m not greedy at all for the POG award at all. I’m only greedy for the championship. The team that wins the championship would be the best team, and the mid laner of that team would be the best mid laner.

Through DAMWON Gaming’s outstanding performance and good results, fans are getting more and more interested in the team. Doesn’t all the attention pressure you?


Starting from the “scrimdor” of last year, we’ve had enough expectations coming toward us. I think it’s past the point that we would feel pressure from the fans’ attention. I’m just thankful for all the interest they have in us.

All of DAMWON Gaming’s players have unique characteristics. Who’s the most unique?


It’s BeryL. He seems that he doesn’t get along well with strangers, but when he’s around the people that he’s close to, he gets really weird. Only those who are close to him know. He has a knack for getting people angry. [Laughs]

There’s a new editor on DAMWON Gaming’s Youtube channel. Do you like the quality of the videos?


The editor knows well about what people like. I’ve been enjoying the channel as well.

You were eliminated in the quarterfinals of last year’s Worlds. You would want to go further this year.


We went as the third seed and was eliminated in the quarters. This time, I want to reach Worlds as the first seed by winning Summer and get to at least the semifinals. Everything is just a presumption, since we haven’t even reached Worlds yet, so I won’t count my chickens too early.

If you win all the games from now on, you’ll be heading straight to the finals and will be tying the LCK record of +29 points. How will you be facing the remaining games?


If we won the last match against Gen.G 2-0, we would still have had the possibility of breaking the record, so there are some regrets. I’ll do my best to win all the matches 2-0 to at least tie the record.

Any last comments?


We were able to maintain 1st in the standings. I’ll make sure that we do our best so that we can maintain this rank. Please keep cheering for us.




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