KD Uncia Bubbly: "I'm looking forward to playing against EnVyUs."

The first matchup of the 12th day of Overwatch APEX Season 2 ended in Kongdoo Uncia’s 3-2 victory over Cloud9. Yoon-ho “Bubbly” Cho, the captain, has saved the team from losing many times with his amazing ults and solid attacks.

Let us hear from Bubbly about his thoughts on today's victory and the teams he will be playing against in the quaterfinals. 



Congrats on advancing to the quarterfinals. How do you feel about winning today?

We’ve been preparing for this match for many days, but we had a hard time against the enemy team. I’m really glad we could win.

Do you think C9 has been preparing for this match as well?

C9 did a great job in picking the counters to our characters and we weren’t fully prepared for that. We had to struggle a lot to win.

You did not lose a single match before advancing to the quarterfinals. KD Uncia is one of the strongest teams in APEX.

There are more teams stronger than us and we still have a long way to go. We will be preparing for our next match with our best efforts.

Is there any team that you want to play against in the quarterfinals?

EnVyUs. We played against them in the semifinals last season and we lost. I think we lost the match because we always played the same characters. I want to show them this time it will be different.

Is there any team that you do not want to play against?

LW Blue. They are probably the strongest team in the current meta. I want to come up with an effective strategy before playing against them.

A lot of people say that shot sensitivities are more important than strategies in Overwatch. What is your opinion on this?

Strategies are more important, in my opinion. It’s important to know the counters to each character and how to play a certain character in a certain map. Knowing those stuff will definitely give you a lot of advantages over the enemies and make the game so much easier for you.

Do you have a special strategy for the quarterfinals?

I do. I’ve been monitoring every matches and I’ve prepared a strategy for every team.

Any last words?

A big thanks to our CEO at Kongdoo company and to our partners. Also a big thanks to our coach, and lastly, to my teammates.

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