VALORANT Act II: Glitchpop Skins and Batllepass revealed

Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games’ tactical shooter VALORANT is about to kick off Act II, bringing forth a new agent, a Battlepass chock full of exclusive unlockables, a new skin line, and a new Deathmatch mode for players to take on.


Here’s everything that’s coming to VALORANT next week:


Act II Battlepass: The VALORANT Act II Battlepass is a way to customize your VALORANT experience. The Act II Battlepass will contain a series of unique unlockables, including gun skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite Points. The Battlepass will launch on August 4 and cost 1000 VP.



Glitchpop Skinline: Glitchpop is a skin line that leans into a dystopian future where death has no consequence and comes to life through bright, colorful skins and a playful but deadly attitude. There are Glitchpop skins for Frenzy, Odin, Bulldog, Judge, and melee. Glitchpop will be available in VALORANT on August 4. 


"Glitchpop was an opportunity for us to make something loud, bold, and more colorful compared to a lot of the other skins we were making, which were more serious and dark", said VALORANT's Senior Weapons Artist Chris Stone.


According to Sean Bigham, Senior Concept Artist on VALORANT, the skin line is the result of sort of a miscommunication accident: "As we were working on an unrelated skin line, we gave some feedback that was misunderstood by our concept artist. Well, let’s just say we ended up with a very unique design called “Megapunk."


After the design made rounds in the developer room, the team decided they loved it enough to make it an entire skin line.


Here is the pricing of each skin, per weapon, which will be available on August 4th: 


  • Frenzy - 2,175 VP
  • Judge - 2,175 VP
  • Bulldog - 2,175 VP
  • Odin - 2,175 VP
  • Melee - 4,350 VP
  • Bundle - 8,700 VP



For more VALORANT news and content, check out our dedicated VALORANT page here.


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