Sky Williams releases statement regarding his toxicity and debt

▲ Screengrab taken from Sky Williams' YouTube


Earlier this summer, Sky Williams was accused of cultivating a toxic environment in several gaming/creative houses that he was in charge of, and then later accused of owing $360,000 to various community members across the gaming and esports industry. Soon after all the accusations, Sky took to Twitch to address them, but his stream was cut short by a friend of Sky's who took his router.


Nearly a month later, Sky has uploaded a new statement to YouTube, addressing the allegations against him in a nearly hour and a half long video. He addresses the victims of sexual assault in his house, the debt he owes across the industry, and individual accounts of people speaking against him and his own toxic behavior. 



Sky starts off the video by explaining his reasons behind making a near 90-minute statement video, especially after his three-hour stream last month drew criticism for its scattered explanations and lack of privacy towards certain parties involved.


"In this video, I'm going to be talking about the five accounts of abuse that happened over the past seven years in the houses I was renting, my public financial castigation, misinformation in many of the allegations that have been thrown towards me, and finally, my own personal accountability as it relates to this entire situation."



The description of the video also provides timestamps for each situation addressed, and as Sky mentions verbally at the beginning of the video, he will be adding a Google Doc to the description that contains information and any visual aids used in the explanation. Sky also explains that his router was cut in the middle of his stream in July because Sky started revealing information sources that wanted to remain hidden or private. 


Sky has been the subject of less-than-favorable attention since a wave of sexual assault and abuse allegations have surfaced in the Smash community against multiple competitors and public figures. This story will be updated should new information become available or new events unfold. 



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