T1 Clozer on his debut, playing aggressive champions, and his role model


On July 31st (KST), T1 defeated kt Rolster in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a clean 2-0 victory for T1 as they took the telecom derby. Today's match caught a lot of attention as T1 cleared that Lee "Clozer" Ju-hyeon will be starting in place of Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok. Fulfilling the expectations, Clozer had a great performance on Zoe and Akali, even being voted as Player of the Game. After the match, Clozer joined the media room for an interview.



Congratulations on winning your debut match. How do you feel about today’s win?


I was really nervous because it was my debut, but I feel good that I filled in for Faker’s shoes well.

When did you hear that you’ll be starting today?


From last week, I heard I might be playing. It was when we submitted the starting roster for today’s match that I really knew that I was playing today. After hearing that I’ll be playing, I worked even harder to win today.

What advice did the other players give you?


As I said, I was really nervous. Ellim told me, “It’s a great chance. Your life could change today.” I also did my best. The other players also gave me advice through Kakaotalk, saying, “I’ll be watching you. Do your best and don’t be nervous”.

It was your first official pro match. How is the professional stage different?


Surely, pro matches have to be more meticulous than solo queue. I’ve been to LoL Park last time, but I wasn’t even able to find the stage because I was nervous.

“Clozer” was the most searched name on Naver today.


It’s unreal. I’m very thankful that so many people are paying attention to me.

You played Akali without hesitation. There were super plays and sometimes you were cut off. Was there any pressure in playing aggressively?


There was some pressure, but I thought I should do whatever I can do. So if I had the chance, I tried to play that way.

You said that you wanted to play Irelia. Do you get more confident when you play Irelia?


If I play Irelia, I’m confident that I wouldn’t lose to anybody. Although her attack speed was buffed, I don’t think she would be playable in the pro scene yet.

You played against Kuro and Ucal today. Is there a player that you would like to play against?


When I met Chovy in solo queue, it was really hard. He excelled on locating his opponent’s weaknesses. From runes, items, to laning trades, he was extremely strong.

Your goal was to play in the LCK, and you accomplished that goal. What’s your next goal?


The second goal would be to play in as many games I can this season. I’d like to continue to show good performances.

You’ve been famous in solo queue already. If your performance in solo queue is 100%, how would you evaluate your performance today?


If I get a triple kill, I play more aggressively. But since it was an official match, I just thought I should do what I need to do. I think today’s performance would be about 50% of my solo queue.

You said you wanted to play an aggressive champion.


If possible, I’d like to pick a champion like Lucian and play even more aggressively.

Is there a role model you had for your debut?


My role model is Crown. I’ve been watching his matches and streams. He looked cool because he seemed to put in enormous amounts of effort.

Any last comments?


I’d like to play in the next match too and do well.

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