Rioters worldwide denounce the new LEC partnership with Neom

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Early July 29th, the LEC announced a new main partner, Neom, a city-company in Saudi Arabia. Almost immediately, members of the LEC spoke out against the partnership, showing frustration, abandonment, and disappointment. As the news spread, League community members and Rioters around the world followed suit, condemning the LEC for their announcement, and standing in solidarity with the LEC broadcast crew. 


We have compiled a list of tweets speaking out against the partnership to showcase how widespread disapproval of this partnership is. Below are Rioters, LCS talent, and other prominent LoL Esports community members who have denounced it. They are from all over the world - from NA and EU, to China, Australia, and more. This is not an all encompassing list, more beyond who is shown below have spoken out against the partnership as well.






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