Excel goes on vacation: Patrik and Caedrel share the importance of taking time off from the LEC

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The League of Legends European Championship has implemented a new schedule for their Summer Split, with the health of their players and staff in mind, a mid-split break was established.  Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont and Patrik "Patrik" Jírů from Excel Esports shared their experience going on a trip to Malta, with their team, and why the time off is so important for professional players.



You guys got back to week 05 right after a vacation. How was your time off, I believe you guys went on a trip together?


Patrick: Yep. That's what we did. We went on a trip as a team, just to play some TFT. We were out of Berlin for a few days and had lots of fun together.


If I recall from Instagram Stories, you guys went to Malta, right?


Caedrel: Yeah.



And what was the experience like?


Caedrel: It was great. We sat on the beach for about ten hours a day, and we were there for two days in total, we flew on a Sunday evening and left on a Wednesday morning.

Is going out on trips something you guys normally do with the team?


Caedrel: Nope, it was really random.


Patrik: Well, I wanted to go somewhere and I had put on my head that I'd go alone, but my teammates decided to join me instead of playing World of Warcraft for the entire break.


Did you guys bring a laptop to play games in then, since the plan was to play games if you didn't travel..?


Patrik: I brought my laptop...


Caedrel: Why did you bring your laptop?!


Patrik: So I could play... 


Caedrel: No way you did actually play...


Patrik: Well, I didn't really open it, there wasn't too much time I guess... we were at the beach the entire time.


Okay, no games, just sitting on the beach?


Caedrel: No, we wanted to eventually go scuba diving, or rent a boat, but the waves were way too big, so our only option was to go to the beach and walk around the hills.


Patrik: Yeah, we went hiking for a bit, probably like... two hours I think?


Caedrel: [starts laughing]


Why are you laughing at him?!


Caedrel: Because it was not a hike! We just walked up a hill by the hotel...


How was it to take a break after half a split? I think one of the reasons why this was implemented during Summer was to help prevent players from being burned out...


Patrik: Our break lasted four days, so we couldn't be out for longer, but at least for me, taking this break was really helpful. During the split I was playing a lot, and that becomes a little bit annoying, now I am back and all fresh.


Caedrel: Yeah, you look fresh.


Patrik: Yeah, you look fresh as well.


Caedrel: Thanks dude, nice gray hair.


Image captured from our post-game interview


You guys are both looking at each other's hair. You're so proud of the new look, aren't you?


Patrik: We just went out today to get our hair dyed, so we're getting used to this...


Caedrel: Patrik, do you like my hair?


Patrik: Yeah, just lovely. Really great... 


Alright, hair aside, let's talk about the Excel lifestyle. I know your team has a tight schedule with all the League of Legends routines and also all you do with Fabian, your performance coach.


Caedrel: It's pretty good, we put a lot of effort outside the game to have a more solid mental state inside the game, and raise our energy levels as well. A lot of players stay up late, live on energy drinks, and at Excel we go to bed early and drink water, so throughout the day we are more stabilized on energy levels.


Patrik: I think the routines we maintain every day helps us not stress about what we have to do each day since we have a set schedule and kind of know what is coming. Having a healthy routine helps us focus more on the game.


How would you guys compare this lifestyle to the other organizations you have been with in the past?


Caedrel: I tend to have a decent schedule on my own, but still was relying on caffeine while being inconsistent in my diet. Achieving consistency in my life outside the game, with a healthy sleep schedule, a good diet, and caffeine intake helps me have more stabilized energy rather than peaks throughout the day.


Patrik: Before having a schedule, I used to go to bed when I wanted, eat what I wanted and do what I wanted, and as much as that is fine in the short term when I think of one or two years ahead, I know it's not sustainable. Having more control over my schedule makes me overall happier and healthier.


Do you think as esports progresses, we will be seeing more organizations take care of their players' performance like Excel does with theirs?


Patrik: I see a lot more players take their health seriously now. There's a bunch of them that pass us by the gym, so we see them exercising and taking care of their physical health.


Thank you for the insight on your vacation and on your routines with the team. Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans?


Patrik: You can go first [Caedrel]


Caedrel: No, I went first before...


Patrik: We watch the fan videos we received this week and we are grateful you support us a lot.


Caedrel: Thank you for the videos, they were pretty good. Hopefully, we will be winning more games now.



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