EG Huni: "I just have to play like Huni, and I don't think anyone can stop me."

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Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon is back in the League Championship Series after spending a couple months playing in Academy for Evil Geniuses. Upon their signing of Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer, who slotted in for Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro for Week 6, Huni was able to compete with the team thanks to the opening of their second import slot. 


Huni comes off of a tough split with Dignitas, with the team failing to make Playoffs after losing a tiebreaker to Golden Guardians, and his re-debut in the LCS set him against the league leaders, Team Liquid and Cloud9. He had a questionable Karma game against Liquid, but an incredible Gangplank game against Cloud9, reminding the LCS of his history on the champ and on the Rift. 



Find our full interview on our YouTube here, and find some of the transcript below.



Is this going to be the year you finally get the coveted NA Title? At the beginning of the year, you mentioned you'd be taking it in Academy, but here you are. 


Maybe. And I think that was for LCS, not Academy. I think you didn't get it, because I mentioned Academy, but it was meant to be for LCS. 


Ah, so a little foreshadowing then. What was going through your head when you found out you'd be able to play LCS again?


I was really excited coming back to the LCS. I guess I was a bit depressed before in Academy because I was like, "I should not be here." And these days, I'm really satisfied with how I'm performing these days, both in scrims and in the matches. I am actually making fewer mistakes compared to Spring Split. I'm choosing higher percentage plays, so this might be the Split that I end up really appreciated. 



It's been a couple months since we talked where you mentioned you were excited for the change in culture and environment, how has it been so far on EG? 


First of all, when I just came on the team, I was a bit depressed. The contract got smaller, it wasn't one I wanted to sign for because it's not optimal to sign between Spring and Summer Split when everyone else is signing at the end of the year. Second of all, being stuck in Academy was pretty bad. I couldn't really sleep properly, because it's just really sad. I should not be here, I know I can play way better. But probably, that makes me play a lot better these days.


Because at the same time, while I was stressed I got a lot of motivation from that. I wanted to prove people wrong. I'm still a really good player, in LCS and even worldwide! That's all I wanted to prove. I guess I kind of proved it last year, but still. I had to be a more consistent player, that was my main goal, but I kind of failed. But whatever, let's try it again man! 


I just have to be me. Just be me, just play like Huni and I don't think anyone can stop me. And people will enjoy watching that. 


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Okay so I agree, but also, tell me about that Karma pick? Is that playing like Huni? 


Haha I was actually making fun of my Karma. You can see in my Karma match history, right now it's 1-5 including the TL game. Hahaha! But the thing is, right now, Karma in top is actually a 100% winrate before I lost. Hahaha. It was a really, really positive win rate in top, but the thing is... There's something wrong, it's not me, man. It can't be me. (You're 1-5 and it cant be you?) I was making fun of that we had a 20% chance to win because my Karma was 1-4, and I guess it got worse... Haha.


I think no matter what I pick, it wouldn't change the game that much, but I agree it was not good. Hahaha we just lost. But at least we beat Cloud9 by doing that, even they banned Karma. I think it's really a strong pick. It's flexible, it's got a positive win rate. Just... maybe not me hahaha.



What should fans expect from Huni?


I mentioned I've been playing better, way better than last split - it's not even comparable. And I'm just happy that you guys are going to be able to watch my play and see how I'm going to come back. Last year, nobody was really expecting me to play that much better, and nobody was expecting Clutch Gaming was going to go to Worlds. So it's the same again. So now I'll just prove that Huni will carry EG on the road to Worlds and perform even better than last year. The King is back.




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