[UPDATED 7/22] LoL streamer Hashinshin banned on Twitch amid allegations of grooming minors

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League of Legends personality and streamer Robert "Hashinshin" Brotz has been accused by multiple people of grooming minors on several occasions. The allegations have been coming since mid-July and have now sparked responses from more alleged victims of Hashishin's behavior, as well as promising figures in the League of Legends scene.


According to the allegations, Hashinshin has approached several minors, women allegedly no older than 17-year-old, while Hashinshin himself was of age. 


Initial allegations and response: July 12


Initial allegations against Hashinshin surfaced July 12. Twitter user Dye posted a video collection of chat logs from Hashinshin to several underage girls, many as young as 14-year-old. One of Hashinshin's ex-girlfriends, Alli, also came out with chat logs detailing their relationship between her as a minor at the time and Hashinshin as an adult.


"I'm not a pedo but I have... done some pedo adjacent things maybe," Hashinshin is seen having written in some of these chat logs. 


In response, Hashinshin published a 40-page-long document, addressing not only the allegations but talking about his poor mental health, having suicidal thoughts, and claiming he was the victim of a toxic relationship. This would also be the first time Hashinshin also mentions the carbon monoxide leak in his apartment, admitting that it might've caused mental damage.


"I am completely innocent. I have done nothing wrong. I am not a goddamn pedophile. These accusations are false, and cause real damage by taking away credibility from actual victims, of which there are many in this community," Hashinshin opened and reiterated his innocence several more times throughout the document. 


What Hashinshin claimed was that the chatlogs on Dye's videos are doctored and these exchanges never happened. The streamer further accused Alli, and another minor he allegedly groomed, Karina, of blackmail, posting chatlogs showing Karina asking for $1,000 to not publically corroborate Alli's story. 



"Alli mentally abused me for months throughout our relationship and left me in a very vulnerable state. She extorted $1000 from me after we broke up, as well as another $2000 from me," Hashinshin wrote, adding:


"Two girls then conspired together against me in my vulnerable state to export $500, then $1000 from me. They attempted to extort another $1000 from me." 


At no point did Hashinshin address the alleged age difference between him and Alli and the latter being a minor while they were a couple. 


Dye's second video and second wave of allegations: July 16


In a follow-up video, Dye addressed Hashinshin's response and brought up allegations from another two, more recent victims: Sarah (age 15) and Vicky (age 16). In an accompanying document, Dye would later also add two more allegations: from Caltyss (age 15), and Vicki (age 17).



The video shows audio and video logs of Hashinshin sending nude pictures and videos of him masturbating to a user by the name of Kiy, who at the time claimed to be an underaged girl, with the goal of catfishing Hashinshin. The video/audio logs also show Kiy openly telling Hashinshin that she (or rather the persona Kiy was portraying) is underaged. 


Dye also provided audio logs between Hashinshin and Kiy, more than 5 mins in length. In them, Hashinshin compliments Kiy for having "nice hair, nice boobs, nice ass".


The same video also contains the stories of the aforementioned Vicky, whom Hashinshin met in 2018 when she was 16 (her statement available here); and Sarah, whom Hashinshin met as recent as June 2020. 


In Vicky's chat logs, Hashinshin receives a nude photo, which he later asks to be deleted. A year later, when Vicky was 17, Hashinshin allegedly made further advances, offering her to come to visit so "you can get my dick". Hashinshin would later claim that this conversation happened in 2020, when Vicky was 18, i.e. an adult. The screenshots themselves do not clearly show what year these conversations are taking place. 



A collection of 50 screenshots details Hashinshin's and Vicky's communication, including more recent logs after the allegations against Hashinshin surfaced.


"[sic] sorry but u admitted some things I cannot tolerate in someone who knows me and my fucking nudes...," writes Vicky in one of the chat logs. In another chat log, Hashinshin writes [sic]: 


"I sent inappropriate comments to underaged girls awhile ago that's it"



In Sarah's case, Hashinshin is seen making inappropriate comments. While Hashinshin isn't explicitly requesting nude photos of Sarah, saying "this isn't like me asking for sexual pics or anything", he drops comments like "I won't make you feel like shit [...] until you date me apparently". 


Hashinshin's deleted and updated response: July 17-18


On July 17, Hashinshin put up the first of his two responses to the new allegations. That first statement, since deleted, is titled "I'm sorry" and opens with Hashinshin admitting to attempting suicide, stating he's "downed like 500g of melatonin and a six pack and I was hoping the combination would knock me out and let god decide but instead here I am".


The same document contains mostly confused, rambling, or contradicting statements and responses to the newer allegations.


"I'm not trying to admit guilt... or I am. I don't know. I can't disprove it anyway. That means I did it, I guess? Did I? I don't know."


Hashinshin moves on to deny the allegations from Vicky, but at the same time acknowledges that another case [the name is not explicitly mentioned in the text — Ed.] is possibly true:


"That vicki thing is such horseshit, I groomed her in a day? I didn't we all know that. That one girl though, that story seems plausible. I can't disprove that. At least I don't think I can now at any rate. Man it really makes me hate myself."


Hashinshin also adds:


"I'm sorry for anyone I hurt. I've been saying that man. I've put up tweets and my video BEFORE ANY OF THIS WENT UP was asking for people to come to me to get an apology. I know man I'm not perfect I've been trying to make up for it. Nobody is innocent."



On the same day, Hashinshin put up a 45-minute long video, giving a more coherent response to all allegations.


The streamer opened up by seconding his belief that screenshots provided by alleged victims have been doctored and fake, that it's "extremely difficult to say something DIDN'T happen", and reiterated that he believes he's been falsely labeled as a pedophile. 


In the video, Hashinshin talks at length about Kiy's persona and provides chat logs between Kiy and a friend of Hashinshin's, which show repeated abusive behavior coming from Kiy. "Kiy is a notorious video troll catfish," Hashinshin states. 


Hashinshin also claims that the video logs provided in Dye's second video are edited and that there's no proof his verbal response matches the written text by Kyi, portraying an underaged girl. 


Regarding Sarah, Hashinshin claims he had no knowledge of her age (and in fact, the chat logs also don't show Sarah explicitly admitting to it). Regarding Vicky, Hashinshin points out that chat logs don't explicitly show him asking for a nude photo (which is indeed the case) and that he can "prove very easily" that his follow-up sexual advances and comments to Vicky happened when she was 18 and not 17. 


As part of his proof, Hashinshin shows a video recording of a chat log beginning February 13, 2020, when Vicky would've already been 18. However, said chat log clearly picks up from where an old conversation left off, with Hashinshin writing "Message me here not twitter" and Vicky responding "I fell asleep yesterday". As mentioned in this report, the chatlogs with Hashinshin's more explicit sexual advances do not have a full date stamp and are missing the year. 


On July 18, Hashinshin put out an updated statement, confirming that he did attempt suicide. Furthermore, while he stated that "what you saw me doing and saying is true, for the most part at least in that story" and that he did indeed send "an extremely damaging, gross, and creepy set of messages", Hashinshin objected to the terminology used by his victims, pointing out that "grooming is a federal crime"


Maya's (a.k.a. Caltyss) case: July 17


While Vicky's and Sarah's cases are difficult to assess in full due to key dates missing and incomplete chatlog screenshots, the case of one Maya, a.k.a. Caltyss, stands out. Caltyss came out with her statement shortly after Hashinshin's video response (embedded above), and hence was not addressed in the latter.


"We first started talking in 2017, two months after I had turned 15. I do not wish to be known for being groomed by a popular streamer, and I did not plan on making a statement," Caltyss writes in her statement


In the document, Caltyss provides numerous screenshots from conversations with Hashinshin, where it becomes clear Hashinshin knows of Caltyss' age, 16 at the time. With knowledge of her age, Hashinshin then makes multiple inappropriate, sexually-charged remarks.



LoL community condemns Hashinshin


In the wake of the allegations, multiple prominent League of Legends personalities came to victims' defense, speaking out against Hashinshin. Streamer and personality Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani called Hashinshin a "manipulator, predator and worst of all pedophile who used his platform to abuse so many underage girls over the years", calling for people to "keep these monsters away from our kids."


Voyboy also published a video blog in addition to his tweets.



On July 22, Hashinshin responded to Voyboy's vlog, claiming he's spreading misinformation. While Hashinshin didn't address Maya's case in details, he reiterates that it could very well be true and that he can't disprove it (as mentioned in his now-deleted TwitLonger, see above), while also reiterating that he has very little memory of the years between 2010 and 2018 due to carbon monoxide leak in his apartment, as first mentioned in the response to the initial allegations


Since then, other high profile members of the LoL scene have spoken against Hashinshin, including Yassuo, IWDominate, and SoloRenekton


The story is developing and Inven Global is reaching out to involved parties for comment.


UPDATE 7/22:  Dye has confirmed to Inven Global that the screenshots between Hashinshin and Vicky dated "July" are in fact from July 2020, when Vicky was already 18. Inven Global continues investigating the other instances of chatlog screenshots and reaching out to victims.


UPDATE 7/22: Twitch has banned Hashinshin from streaming on its platform.

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