League of Legends meets VALORANT in skin crossover by artist Wandakun

Jett Akali and Phoenix Ekko by WandaKun


Artist Wandakun often takes the internet by storm with her League of Legends creations. The freelance illustrator from Huelva, Spain, explores the conceptualization of skin ideas into canvas, well, digitally speaking. Most recently, she has created three skin concepts, reimagining League of Legends champions as VALORANT agents.



Throughout the years, Wandakun's work has leveled up to the point it is difficult to distinguish between the official League of Legends artwork from her fan creations. The realism with a touch of cartoon hits just the right spot, visible in creations that vary from the "IRL" True Damage pictures, splash arts and skin concepts. 


You can find some of the concepts below, and the full image gallery with emotes included on her Artstation.


Phoenix, as the internet knows, is Ekko's long lost brother.
He got an emote, too!
Zed got an Omen skin!
Akali does the perfect Jett cosplay!


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