HLE Lehends: "I think I’m playing well, but I think Viper’s gotten worse compared to last year."

 Source: LCK Broadcast


On the 19th (KST), Hanhwa Life Esports took on SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-1, HLE defeated SP to take their first victory of the split. DuDu and Lehends were named Player of the Game for game 2 and 3 respectively, as the team finally managed to break out of their nine-match losing streak and hope to climb out of the bottom of the standings.


Both DuDu and Lehends joined the official LCK broadcast for the POG interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How does it feel to finally break out of the loss streak?


Lehends: We finally broke our nine-match losing streak, so it feels really good.


DuDu: Because I’m a rookie, I’m not sure how I should be feeling at the moment, but it definitely feels good to break the losing streak.

Don’t rookies usually prepare for POG interviews beforehand?


DuDu: The most important thing for me was to break the losing streak. I felt good about today, and the games played out the way we wanted as well.

The journey to this victory today was a tough one for HLE. Can you tell us what that journey was like?


Lehends: As our losses stacked up, not only did we lose confidence in ourselves, our teamwork was also slipping as well. I think DuDu can tell you more about the feedback process from our coaches (laughter).


DuDu: We kept practicing with the mindset of honing our synergy, because through practice, we were confident in our own abilities.

DuDu, how did it feel to play against ikksu’s unorthodox champion pool, such as Illaoi and Cho’gath?


DuDu: I expected the Illaoi to come out of ikksu, so I practiced Mordekaiser to counter it. I usually find success when I play Mordekaiser into Illaoi, so I think Morde is a counterpick.

Did you expect the Cho’gath with Grasp in game 2 as well?


DuDu: No, I didn’t. The early laning phase was rough, but Wukong’s specialty is that he unlocks the potential to solo kill the enemy laner.

Lehends, you’re the only one that uses Shen support. Why do you play Shen support, and did you pick it while factoring in the enemy team composition?


Lehends: Personally, I think Shen’s garbage (laughter). However, as a support player, since I’m usually stuck in bot lane, I can use Shen’s ult to pick fights in the top lane, and leave Viper behind all by himself (laughter).

This is a question that we prepared in the beginning of the split, and we finally get to ask it. How does it feel to reunite with Viper?


Lehends: I think I’m playing well, but I think Viper’s gotten worse compared to last year (laughter). It’s a bit disappointing.

Then, is there anything you’d like to say to Viper?


Lehends: Play better, Do-hyun (Viper)! Should you really be sleeping right now? (laughter)

DuDu, you bought boots really late on purpose, right?


DuDu: No (laughter)... I usually take Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery in my Runes, but since Renekton does well into Camille, I took Time Warp Tonic for the extra sustain in lane. Haru was the one who told me that I didn’t have boots (laughter).

There was that moment in the series where you and Mireu both walked over a control ward in the bot lane, which led to both of you getting caught out by SP. What happened?


DuDu: ...Wait, really? (laughter)

DuDu, you’re really good at solo killing your enemy laner. Are you confident that you’ll be able to continue doing so?


DuDu: I’ll continue to perform well in the next match as well.

Fans have been waiting for this confidence from the HLE players. Lehends, as the senior member on the team, how do you rate DuDu?


Lehends: I like him very much (laughter). [So, you don’t think he’s good?] I think he’s very good, and I like him very much (laughter).

Game 3 was back and forth, and it looked like everybody’s game. What was the in-game comms like in game 3?


Lehends: There were many winnable games in our matches, so we helped each other find serenity and focus during the games.

DuDu, can you tell us what kind of a player you hope to be?


DuDu: My role model is TheShy, where I like to absolutely dominate my opponents. I want to be like him.

Lehends, can you also tell your fans your resolution for round 2 as well?


Lehends: Although the fans must’ve been disappointed for the continued losing streak, I’ll make sure that I’ll practice hard to win all my matches until the end of the season. 

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