KT Aiming: "If Jhin has enough items, every shot is monstrous. He may appear as a joker pick sometimes."


On the 18th of July (KST), kt Rolster broke SANDBOX Gaming’s 4-game winning streak in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split. It was a 2-0 victory for kt Rolster as they broke their own losing streak to put themselves back in contention for the playoffs. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram had a great performance in this match and was voted as Player of the Game for game 1. He joined the media room for an interview after the match.



Congrats on the win. You stopped SANDBOX Gaming’s winning streak as well as breaking your own losing streak. How do you feel?


Our coaching staff analyzed SANDBOX Gaming well. We were able to practice thoroughly through that and I feel good that we stopped their winning streak.

Looking back at round 1, what was the most regretful? What did you try to improve the most going into round 2?


During round 1, I was often at the vanguard trying to waste the opponents’ skills. I think that was a bit too much. It felt that dealing damage steadily and stably was better for the team most of the time, so I tried to step back a bit. 

You recently played with 8-year experience rookie “topport”, Smeb. How was it?


During practice, we had fun playing. What we thought was that it’s alright to lose but we should show everything we can show. That had a positive vibe so it was alright.

There’s still a long way to go. You had been to playoffs in the spring. How are your expectations for round 2?


My goal is to reach the playoffs. If we make it into 5th place, we could get a chance to get to Worlds. If not, there’s still the regional qualifiers. I’d like to get those two chances and get to Worlds.

You said that the coaching staff analyzed SANDBOX Gaming well. Did you pick a poking comp intentionally against them?


The draft wasn’t intentional. Most of the analyses were about vision and objective fights. Our poking comp was formed naturally as we tried to deal with their picks.

Varus isn’t a godlike-tier anymore. How are the tiers for ADCs?


It depends on the teams’ styles. Each team has a different tier list. Recently, it’s mostly picking what they play well and about how they play the laning phase. Champions like Jhin also appear now and then.

What are the top three ADCs in your opinion?


It would be easiest to build a composition around Ezreal. Aphelios has the best damage, and Ashe can pressure the laning phase and help the jungle. I think these three are the top three ADCs in the current meta.

When can Jhin appear?


Jhin could appear when the opponent is an ADC without any moving skills like Ashe, Varus, or Aphelios. If Jhin has enough items, every shot is monstrous. He may appear as a joker pick sometimes. I think it’s alright as a joker pick.

Any last comments?


Since we won the first match of round 2, we’ll prepare the remaining matches and do our best to reach the playoffs. Thank you.

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