DWG ShowMaker: "We’re all sensitive about money… So we used Kleptomancy a lot last year."


On the 17th (KST), DAMWON Gaming and Afreeca Freecs started the second round of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was another very fast win for DAMWON Gaming as they won two straight games within 30 minutes. Especially, the second game ended around the 22-minute mark. In the match, mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su was voted as the Player of the Game and was interviewed by the casters’ desk.



It’s a good start in the second round. You got your eighth win. How do you feel?


We try to win 2-0 whenever we win, and I’m satisfied that we reached our goal today.

Many people are evaluating that ShowMaker is the best player in the current LCK. PawN has been praising you especially more.


When PawN was active as a pro, I often lost to him. I always thought he’s a great player, and the fact that he recognized me like that makes me feel awesome.

Both games were very dominating. Nuguri’s team plays are really good nowadays. It’s like, “Why in the world is Nuguri here?”


Nuguri tries to care for us a lot so I think it’s seen in-game.

You countered Twisted Fate with Sylas. Is it a good matchup or was it out of confidence?


Twisted Fate vs Sylas is pure prowess. I was confident, so I picked him.

Your coach was massaging Nuguri’s head. What was it?


I’m not sure. It seems that Nuguri likes when our coach massages his head like that, so I think Nuguri asks for it.

DAMWON Gaming’ games are really quick. The in-game stats are out of the world. What’s different from the other teams?


We have five greedy players so we try to take all that we can take on the map. I think we’re able to snowball because our jungler is good.

You had said in a previous interview that you all can’t stand loss. You’re the gods of investment. Does that have something to do when you snowball?


We’re all sensitive about money… So we used Kleptomancy a lot last year. [Laughs] As much as Kleptomancy is gone, we’re trying to steal as much as we can from the jungle.

Today was Nuguri’s birthday. Did you give him a present?


Since it’s his birthday, I tried to go top as much as I can so that he can get the POG, but it didn’t work out right. [Laughs]

Your next opponent is SANDBOX Gaming, and head coach YamatoCannon.


SANDBOX Gaming is on a winning streak since YamatoCannon, but we’re also on a winning streak. If we prepare as we did, doing our best, I believe we can win.

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