Lunatic Hai Whoru: “I like Ninjas and Assassins”


On the 11th day of Overwatch APEX Season 2, another team has advanced to the quarterfinals, and the team was none other than Lunatic Hai. Lunatic Hai won against Misfits 3-0, winning first place in Group B.

Below is the post-match interview with Seung-Joon “Whoru” Lee, the 15-year-old DPS for Lunatic Hai. Whoru led the team to victory with an impressive gameplay with Genji.



How do you feel about winning and advancing to the quarterfinals?

I was pretty nervous and not really confident in my abilities, but fortunately the match went really well. I’m happy with the result.

Do you easily get nervous? It seemed like you were confident in your game performance.

I get nervous pretty easily. It takes me a few minutes to get comfortable. I made a few mistakes in early game because my hands were shaky, but my teammates were there to back me up. I really appreciate that.

Is there any special reason why you are so good with Genji?

I like Genji because I like ninjas and assassins. I’ve been playing as Genji since a long time ago and now I’m a skilled Genji player.

You played as Genji and Pharah today. Any other characters you are good with?

I’m pretty good with Tracer, but I don’t play Tracer when I’m playing with my team, unless there is an emergency.

You are doing great in terms of game performance. You should be ready for the quarterfinals.

I used to have low self-confidence, but not anymore. I think I’m ready for it.

Is there any team that you are looking forward to playing against in the quarterfinals? If yes, why?

Team EnVyUs. EnVyUs is one of the strong teams and I’d like to play against those teams.

Life in the team house might be tough for you because you are very young. Do other members help you with that?

Everyone is very nice to me and always there for me, especially tobi.

Any last words?

A big thanks to my teammates. I’m kind of mischievous in the team house, but I promise I’ll behave well from now on. [laughs]


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