League of Legends 150th champion, Yone, featured in new Spirit Blossom video


Image Source: Riot Games

Riot Games has released a short animation based on the 150th champion, Yone. “The Path, An Ionian Myth” explores the story of Yasuo’s brother, and how he became a champion. The video’s aesthetic brings together the “Spirit Blossom” concept, which will be starting on July 22nd.



Just recently, Riot Games released an animation and a teaser of Lillia, its 149th champion, the first out of three to be released this year. The fawn champion will be seen in the Jungle, making use of magical abilities and fairy dust.


In a meditation realm, the newest champion can be seen chasing the spirit of a fox, leading to a sanctuary. On the way, Yone encounters a dark realm, where he sees tortured souls turn to stone. Enraged, he slams his fists on the water, awakening some sort of demon.



The animation ends with Yone possessed by the demon he so tried to defeat, as he grabs him by the head before disappearing into the void and bites him. He then walks towards a village, which according to League of Legends lore, could be where Yone and his younger half-brother, Yasuo, were raised.


Data miners have found voice lines of Yone’s Spirit Blossom skin, and when interacting with Thresh, he is rold “Worry not, Yone, your little brother is safe with me, too”, indicating he could be an undead warrior. As of right now, there is still little to be known of the champion, but as it all indicates, the Spirit Blossom event will lead to his release.


Check out some of the artwork featured in the video:




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