[TMI Interview] DRX Chovy: "These days, beating Doran in solo queue makes me very happy"


The mid laner for DragonX, Chovy, is a man with many records within the LCK. From being the first professional player to have 100 KDA, many LCK finals appearances, and even once at Worlds, this 19 year old mid laner continues to build his legacy as one of the greats in LoL esports.


Inven had a chance to speak to Chovy for our ‘TMI Interview’ series. As he continued on his hunt for his first LCK title and the World Championship trophy, he showed sides to himself that reflected his 19 year old self, as well as his love for his teammates (especially Doran, in a very... interesting way).


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Jeong Ji-hoon.

Date of birth?


March 3rd, 2001.

Place of birth?



Blood type?






Favorite color?


A mix of white and black.

Just like the uniform you have on?


Ooh, no wonder I like my uniform.

Favorite food?


Sushi and Ramen.

Favorite snack?


Binch (chocolate biscuits).

What do you do in your free time?



What energizes you?


Doran’s losing streak in solo queue.

Who do you cherish the most on your team?



Loudest player on the team?



Weirdest person on the team?


Pyosik. Actually, Doran… They’re all weird.

How would you rank yourself in terms of being funny on the team?



How would you rank yourself in terms of being the best at TFT?



How much do you understand cvMax’s "The language of C"?


I’m able to understand 99% of it.



What about the extra 1%?


There may be some things that I don’t understand.



Doran vs Pyosik?


‘Do-Pyo’. Can I combine them?

So combined, you get ‘Do-Pyo’?



Keria vs Deft?


...Deft’s right behind me (doing an interview)… Deft!

Keria vs Seo Kang-joon?


Aren’t they the same person?



Viper vs Lehends?



Can you send a message to the reunited bot lane?


They say that married couples are never truly apart, and you two have reunited.

What was your dream job when you were young?


If being young means middle school, my dream was to become a pro gamer.

What if you weren’t a pro gamer?


A gamer that never leaves his room.

Would you become a pro gamer again in your next life as well?


Depends on the situation…

Favorite champion?



How come?


The champion’s really cool.

Least favorite champion?


Fizz. Because of his Playful/Trickster.

During the season, do you think about your POG points / KDA?



Favorite skin?


High Noon Jhin.

First tier to be placed in?


Silver 3.

Have you ever searched your own montages online?



Any foreign language you’d like to be good at?


English. As a non-English speaker, it’s really cool to watch someone speak English.

What’s the one thing that makes you happy these days?


Beating Doran in solo queue.

Your method of relieving stress?


Hmm.... Going on a win streak in LoL.

A superpower you’d like to have?



What would you like to do if you suddenly had $10 million?


I’ll probably retire.

Flash on D vs F?


I have it on F.

A message to the players that have Flash on D?


I don’t even want to talk to them.


▲ Fun fact: Deft takes Flash on D.


Something that you absolutely want to do in life?


I want to live independently, lie down by the open windows on a rainy day, and cuddle with my cat while having a blanket over me and the wind blow in my face.

Most embarrassing moment of your life?


There’s too many to count, so I’m not sure.

Any advice you’d like to give your past self in your debut split?


Think a lot.

Prediction on the team’s standings for the Summer split?



Goal for 2020?


Winning Worlds.

Last question! What are you going to do after this interview?


I think I’ll be sleeping on my ride back to the team house.

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