DRX Deft on the life of the ADC: "The Ardent Censer meta was the most fun in solo queue and scrims."


Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu is one of the most popular ADCs worldwide. With a long and successful career in League of Legends, Deft has the love of his fans and the respect of his colleagues. After DragonX's win in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split against SANDBOX Gaming, Deft joined Inven to talk about playing as an ADC.



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When does it hurt your pride as an ADC the most?


Basically, I think it's when I lose the laning phase to the opponent.


When's the most annoying moment as an ADC?


When the support has Targon, and I don't hit the cannon minion to give it to them, but then they don’t properly last-hit it... 


When do you want to change positions as an ADC?


It was really hard when non-ADCs were popular picks. Nowadays, I’m alright with non-ADCs since I have a better understanding and I can play them when necessary. But back then, I had almost never played in other positions. It was really hard to get used to.


When is it the most rewarding as an ADC?


When the top side is exploded. When we endure until the late game and then win because of ADC difference… That’s the most fun.


What was the most memorable ADC game?


No specific game comes to mind.


What was the best patch as an ADC?


Although I didn’t benefit directly in competitions, the Ardent Censer meta was the most fun in solo queue and scrims. 


When does it feel empty as an ADC?


ADC champions are usually strong in the late game. If the top side is blown up, they need to relay the baton to me, but it really feels empty when they simply give up.


When does it feel good dealing damage as an ADC?


When I’m playing a champion like Vayne and if there are a lot of dumb champions like Olaf on the enemy side, it’s really fun.


On the other hand, when does it NOT feel like dealing damage as an ADC?


When I’m playing a champion that doesn’t have a surviving or dashing ability and the opponent is Jayce and Zoe… If they have a really long range… Ranged damage dealers [ADCs are called "ranged damage dealers" in Korean — Ed.] are literally champions with long range… But their reach is longer than mine. Then I can do nothing, so that’s when it feels empty.


When don’t you want to play the game as an ADC?


When we leash the jungle and they don't. And if we win lane, but if there’s no return from that… I don’t want to play.


When is it most fruitful to be an ADC?


When we win competitions.


When do you feel glad that you decided to be an ADC?


When we win in competitions? Since it’s a damage-dealing position, there are more positive reactions [compared to] other positions when I do well.


What’s the most satisfying comment as an ADC?


“Blabla ending” feels good since it means winning in the late game.


What’s the most essential mindset to have as an ADC?


This isn’t always correct in all situations, but thinking that we’ll win in the late game no matter what is necessary.


On the other hand, what’s the mindset an ADC shouldn’t have?


This isn’t always correct either, but trying to end in the early game often makes ADCs slip.


A word to the ADC prospects that want to become pro?


Those who play ADC… It’s difficult, but fighting!

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